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Lady Gaga Performs “Million Reasons” Live on Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour

Several months back, Lady Gaga announced that she will be on tour performing live and this tour is known as ‘Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour’. We can assume that she will be performing her singles from upcoming album ‘Joanne’ while on this tour and getting to listen to Lady Gaga’s live vocals is an amazing opportunity to all her fans.

“Million Reasons” is the second single off of her next album and the audio was released a week ago. We did a lyrics review of the song. However on the first show of the Dive Bar Tour in Nashville, Lady Gaga performed this single in it’s full ballad form.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform “Million Reasons” Live

Lady Gaga’s live tour is ponsored by Bud Light beverage and it too kinda worked for the atmosphere generated by the song. Pretty much everybody had their drinks up and singing along to the song with Gaga.

Lady Gaga was wearing a Pop outfit, but the hat kinda looks Wild Wild West and matched with the theme of the song.

“Baby I just need one good one to stay…”

We will be expecting more singles off of her new and old albums to be performed live on this tour and we will be sharing them with you on this blog. So stay tuned with us and let us enjoy the ride together.


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