the weeknd starboy live american music awards 2016

Watch The Weeknd Perform “Starboy” at American Music Awards 2016

The Weeknd was yet another artist who was fortunate enough to please their fans with a live performance of their biggest and most recent hits. Ariana Grande performed “Side To Side” with Nicki Minaj and Twenty One Pilots performed “Heathens.” The Weeknd got to perform his Billboard Hot 100 sensation “Starboy” live at the 2016 American Music Awards.

The music video for “Starboy” was released about a month back and it’s as intriguing as the lyrics of the song. However, the performance at AMAs was mild as The Weeknd kept himself within some psychedelically placed mirrors that imitated different colors as per the theme of the song.

Watch The Weeknd Perform “Starboy” Live at 2016 AMAs

As expected the crowd was on their feet and doing best to move their bodies to the tune of the song as The Weeknd delivered his enthralling performance. The lyrics were made SFW or the public audience and he covered up the explicit words pretty creatively.

If not for anything, this performance could help boost “Starboy’s” Billboard performance and maybe earn him that well deserved #01 spot.

Anyway, we loved this performance and would like to hear your thoughts on this as well. Make sure to leave a comment below.

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