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Watch the Lucid “Starboy” Music Video by The Weeknd (Review)

“Starboy” is the first single off of the upcoming album titled the same by The Weeknd. I believe he has released the right track to get the hype up for the album release. “Starboy” is a tale of fame and misfortune of the music industry. To assist The Weeknd in creating this epic music they have hired Daft Punk. Watch their sweet symphony in the music video below.

The lyrics to “Satrboy” are quite complex and deep. This single is the beginning of a new era for The Weeknd as he himself revealed on Instagram.

The Weeknd used the caption “r.i.p abelxo” which is more or less a death notice for himself. The ‘Starboy’ album may usher a new era of The Weeknd and we couldn’t be more excited.

Lyrics Review of “Starboy” Single by The Weeknd

The Weeknd isn’t playing around in this new track. He tweeted the following regarding this single way back in July.

So he starts off “Starboy” strong and aggressive.

I’m tryna put you in the worst mood, ah
P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah
Milli point 2 just to hurt you, ah
All red lamb just to tease you, ah
None of these toys on lease too, ah
Made your whole year in a week too, yah
Main bitch out of your league too, ah
Side bitch out of your league too, ah

He is trying to get us into his shoes-his worst mood. Thanks for the heads up!

P1 refers to the McLaren P1 The Weeknd owns, and he says it’s cleaner than the shoes of the church goers. This is a hard blow, but could be very true at instances. I believe The Weeknd is referring to the lifestyle of each person and The Weeknd’s McLaren P1 was earned cleaner than the dirty hands of some church addicts. “Milli point 2” is a nice way of bringing the value of his McLaren into the song-$1.2 million that is. You can see him drive the car towards the end of the music video with a Leopard riding shotgun!

The singers talks about the red Lamborghini’s he gets to own-not to lease. He says he made a normal person’s annual salary in a week, most likely with the release of his last album ‘The Beauty Behind the Madness’ which grossed around $55 million.

His girlfriends are out of our league and his side chicks are out of our league too. Thank a lot, The Weeknd.

The pre-chorus of “Starboy” is catchy

House so empty, need a centerpiece
20 racks a table cut from ebony
Cut that ivory into skinny pieces
Then she clean it with her face man I love my baby
You talking money, need a hearing aid
You talking bout me, I don’t see a shade
Switch up my style, I take any lane
I switch up my cup, I kill any pain

The Weeknd has been having a busy year. He was on tour or producing music for the better part of the last few years. He says his ‘house’ is empty that it needs something expensive and attractive. Notice that he refers to his home as ‘house’-the distinguishing factor between the two nouns is one’s love towards the place.

The next few lines draw a very ‘beautiful’ picture of how to snort cocaine. The difference of The Weeknd from an everyday junkie is that The Weeknd cuts cocaine on expensive ebony wood tables.

Us talking about money isn’t even going to make the sub-headlines for The Weeknd having earned so much money in 2015. Looks like he is headed for a huge pile after releasing this album as well.

“Switching up my cup” means switching his drugs. The Weeknd is one who has openly spoken about his love of drugs-especially cocaine.

The chorus of “Starboy” hits us with the punchline…

Look what you’ve done
I’m a motherfuckin’ starboy
Look what you’ve done
I’m a motherfuckin’ starboy

The Weeknd has reached a zenith of stardom and he openly thanks his fans for that. Here “you” refers to his fans who have made him this way. He openly thanks us and backhandedly slaps us in the face too. Don’t agree? Revisit the verses I have annotated above.

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“Starboy” continues to gloat about the singer’s success in the verses to continue.

Pull off in that Roadster SV, ah
Pockets overweight, gettin’ hefty, ah
Coming for the king, that’s a far cry, ah

And in the final verse;

Let a nigga Brad Pitt
Legend of the fall took the year like a bandit
Bought mama a crib and a brand new wagon
Now she hit the grocery shop looking lavish
Star Trek roof in that Wraith of Khan
Girls get loose when they hear this song
100 on the dash get me close to God
We don’t pray for love, we just pray for cars

We believe “Starboy” gets The Weeknd to a really good pace and a tune to setup for the release of his upcoming album. The hype is already up and we are counting days towards the next single release.

In the meantime, comment your favorite line from “Starboy” and what you think those lyrics mean.

2 thoughts on “Watch the Lucid “Starboy” Music Video by The Weeknd (Review)

  1. Let a nigga Brad Pitt
    Legend of the fall took the year like a bandit
    Bought mama a crib and a brand new wagon
    Now she hit the grocery shop looking lavish
    Star Trek roof in that Wraith of Khan

    Could these lyrics be about the weekend shooting to ‘starboydom’ like Brad Pitt did with The legend of the fall which grossed $130 mill in the box office…star trek Wraith of Khan beat the critics by grossing $92 mill when released…??? Just a thought?!

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