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The Most Unexpected Love Story in Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” Video (Review)

Ed Sheeran announced on his Facebook page that we will be seeing a video for the second promotional track “Shape Of You” on Monday (30th Jan) and the video has taken us by surprise. There is no club or bar and there is no intimacy as we had guessed by the line “I’m in love with the shape of you…” Instead, the video is a very romantic story with a crazy ending.
“Shape Of You” appears in Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album ‘Divide’ which will be out on ….. Last week he released the video for “Castle On The Hill” and it was everything that we expected from the video. So maybe just because, Ed and the video director Jason Keonig put a twist to “Shape Of You” video.
Make sure to watch Ed Sheeran rolling around in a Sumo costume after the credits of the video.

Watch “Shape Of You” Music Video by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a fighter-a boxer in the video and he meets his ‘soulmate’ at the practice ring. The girl is Jennie Pegouske and too is a boxer. They see each other in the corner of their eyes and instantly falls in love. They meet outside of the ring and go to ‘all you can eat’ as sung in the lyrics of the song.
Everything was going well until she decides to up and leave only leaving Ed a note in the locker at the practice ring. Ed is obviously devastated and goes ballistic on training. Overly confident and may even be suicidal, Ed Sheeran enters an underground fight with an actual Sumo wrestler named Yama. Ed Sheeran wears a Sumo dress and he is crushed by Yama. It gets pretty funny during this battle. While being carried over the shoulder of Yama, Ed Sheeran glimpses the girl walking in the background-beyond the crowd. Yama obviously thrashes Ed and walks out of the ring when out of nowhere Yama gets a flying kick on to his face by the girl.
We can’t really make sense of the last half of the video, but the first half of the video makes up for it. It’s a unique love story that we did not expect from “Shape Of You.” Ed Sheeran is often seen topless covered in a thousand coloured tattoos. And that’s new too.
Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the “Shape Of You” video as much as we did. If you have any remarks about the video make sure to comment them below. If you love the video make sure to share this article with other Sheerios and of course make sure to pre-order ‘Divide’ album.

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