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Future Premiers “Selfish” Featuring Rihanna from ‘HNDRXX’ (Lyrics Review)

Future’s 2017 new ‘HNDRXX’ album is turning out to be quite the art piece with the release of the latest single off of the album. The one and only collaboration on the album is with Rihanna and the track is titled “Selfish.” The song takes a solemn, groovy toned down tune to the sexy vocals by Rihanna and heavily modified vocals by Future.

Future and Rihanna coupled for a track back in 2012 on “Loveeeeeee Song” on Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ album and it was a major hit. Listening to the latest collab “Selfish” we can predict that this song will make some waves as well.

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The lyrics to “Selfish” are quite straightforward and simple. The track has been written by Future himself.

First verse is by Rihanna;

It was right
Even though it felt wrong
Nothin’ ever stopped you
From showin’ your progression suddenly

The initial fireworks of the relationship are explained here. The jitters, butterflies and the back and forth at the beginning of something special. She had her doors closed, but that did not stop the guy. He kept on sweeping her off her feet and she eventually fell.

Future and Rihanna collab on the bridge;

Broken lies
Driving backwards
Making all the wrong turns
Saying all the wrong words
Dodging angels

The bridge of “Selfish” sets the tone for the song. It’s a crooked relationship to say the least, built on broken lies and empty words. But they did not back away, they kept pushing on. Their choices haven’t been sound and their words have been all lies. Angels represent the goodness in a person. “Dodging angels” is a clever way of saying that they are deliberately ignoring the morals and the goodness found in a typical relationship.

Pre-chorus by Future and Rihanna;

Oh, let’s not be alone
Let’s not be alone
Let’s be one
Oh, let’s not be alone
Empty thoughts fill the room
Breathe for me and I’ll breathe for you

They desire each other’s company, to a point that all the lies and broken dreams don’t even matter to them as long as they can spend one more night together. It’s beautiful and messed up in it’s own way. The thoughts are empty after sex, because there is nothing else to think about-no future for them and no present either.


Let’s be selfish, selfish, baby
Let’s be selfish, selfish, baby
Tonight, tonight
Tonight, yeah, yeah

When they get together at night, that’s all that matters for them. They both want each other for one more night and that’s what keeps them going. They just want to forget the rest of the world when they are together-selfish!

Future does the second verse:

I just hit the liquor side of France
Currency exchange, lookin’ fancy
If that money dirty, make it dance

Future boasts his wealth on “Selfish” probably showing off to the girl in the song.

I just need the blessin’ from your family
Broken lies
Ain’t no love without us
It will die
Roses turn into dust
Every night
We gettin’ more popular
Wrong is right

Getting blessings from her family is quite hard to fit into the context of the song. Maybe they are in love despite all the flaws between them. Even the beautiful roses fade away and turn into dust much like their emotions towards each other. This is a tough relationship to figure out. The kind where doing the wrong thing feels so right.

“Selfish” draws to an end after the chorus and the outro follows through and the songs leaves us with a bitter-sweet taste in us. We are kind of baffled at what happened in their relationship-but we can’t help but feel something special for them too.

What is your take on “Selfish” by Future and Rihanna? What does this song mean to you? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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  1. Interpretation of the song makes a lot of sense. You’re really good at this ! I know where to go when I need a clear breakdown , verse by verse, for songs I enjoy listening to but can’t seem to grasp their meanings. Much appreciated!

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