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Watch Trey Songz’ Very Explicit “Playboy” Music Video (Review)

Trey Songz’ new album ‘Tremaine’ continues to impress us as the second single off of the album was released along with a hot music video. Last week Trey Songz premiered “Nobody Else But You” which was the first episode of the ‘Tremaine The Playboy’ album. Today, we have the second episode titled “Playboy” and the music video fits the title perfectly.

The music video is directed by Tremaine himself AKA Trey Songz. The video has some gorgeous women in skimpy dresses competing over the attention of Trey Songz and it gets pretty steamy at points. Like girls making out and taking soapy bubble baths kinda steamy.

Watch “Playboy” Music Video by Trey Songz

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The song, albeit being super hot and really playboyish, is kind of a love song about how he cannot be with the girl he loves.

Don’t know why I’m still
Still kissing girls that I don’t love
Still stumbling out of these clubs
Still, I’m just so hard to trust
Don’t know why I’m still a playboy (still)
Still running ’round tryin’ to lay up
Still fucking but I wanna make love, I really want to
Don’t know why I’m still a playboy

In the video Trey Songz is seen getting very cozy with half-naked models in a kind-sized bed and he is still thinking about what he could not have-real love. These women that appear on the ‘contest’ speak before and after the video like in a real TV reality show, and all they speak about is getting on the good side of Trey because of the luxurious lifestyle they could lead with him. Nothing about love and that’s what Trey misses.

I’m feeling all kinds of pressure
My momma wants another grandchild
Can’t say I’m not making the effort
But these women keep calling me out
I guess I’m losing this battle
Oh, I’d be trippin’

It’s like a disease that has no medicine. Truly self-discipline is the only medicine out there, but Trey is too infatuated with the temporary luxuries that he can’t imagine a life where he settles down. It’s quite sad and Trey portrays that sadness well in the music video.

Anyways, we think Trey Songz is really on to something with this ‘Tremaine The Playboy’ series and we can’t wait for the next episode.

‘Tremaine The Album’ releases on March 24, 2017.

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