shawn mendes there's nothing holdin' me back lyrics review

Listen to Shawn Mendes’s New Single “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (Lyrics Review)

Shawn Mendes announced that he will be releasing a new single on 20th April and that’s exactly what he did a few hours ago. The singer even had to re-release the deluxe edition of ‘Illuminate’ album to include the new “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” single, maybe because he think it’s so worth it. On the first listen, we know that he is right.

“There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” is more of an upbeat perspective into love where the singer is not holding himself back when it comes to this relationship.

Listen to “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” Single

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The lyrics to the song are quite simple and straightforward like most of Shawn Mendes’ work. The overall theme of the song is that the singer feels so right in this relationship that he will give it his fullest commitment and nothing will hold him back when doing so.

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Lyrics Review of “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”

Verse 1

I wanna follow her where she goes
I think about her and she knows it
I wanna let it take control
‘Cause everytime that she gets closer

The first verse of the song tells us how infatuated the singer is with the girl. “It” in the third line should mean ‘love’ implying that the singer is willing to let love take control, because he is sure of this one.


She pulls me in enough to keep me guessing
And maybe I should stop and start confessing

Looks like the girl is feeling the same towards the singer. So Shawn Mendes thinks to himself if he should just confess his love for her and make it official.

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Oh, I’ve been shaking
I love you when you go crazy
You take all my inhibitions
Baby, there’s nothing holding me back
You take me places that tear up my reputation
Manipulate my decisions
Baby, there’s nothing holding me back
There’s nothing holding me back
There’s nothing holding me back

Looks like the singer has found his missing puzzle piece. They say opposites attract and “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” tells a similar story.

The things she makes him do are a bit out of his comfort zone and he loves it. He loves to let go of all inhibitions when he is with her. She makes him ruin his ‘good boy’ reputation and he loves it.

This isn’t friction-this is pieces of a puzzle falling together.

Verse 2

She says that she is never afraid
Just picture everybody naked
She really doesn’t like to wait
Not really into hesitation

Shawn Mendes says she is not the kind to be afraid to fall in love. Just like the popular stage-fear avoiding tactic of picturing your audience naked, she says she is completely comfortable with him.

She is not the kind to wait around and so Shawn better hurry up with that confession.


‘Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far
I know we’d be alright, I know we’d be alright
‘Cause if you are by my side and we stumbled in the dark
I know we’d be alright, I know we’d be alright-//

Shawn Mendes knows that relationships are difficult, even if you find your perfect match. There’s bound to be arguments, fights, breakups and makeups. But the singer believes that if she is by his side, those obstacles wouldn’t really matter because their love is stronger than the barriers. No matter what kind of stones are thrown at their path, he is confident that they will be alright.

“There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” drawn to an end after a repetition of the chorus and this is definitely a change of pace from Shawn Mendes.

We think it’s a really good song by Shawn and this too will be another big hit among the fans. What are your opinions on the song? If you loved the song, let us know by commenting below and if you have any interpretations of the lyrics, also do comment below.

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