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Charlie Puth’s New Single “Attention” Is Smooth & Groovy (Lyrics Review)

Charlie Puth has surprised us with some new material for 2017 and it’s so like Charlie Puth and quite different as well. “Attention” is the title of the new single from Puth’s upcoming sophomore album and it’s a hot and groovy track. The song speaks about a girl who just wanted attention in the relationship.

There is no new information about the upcoming album at the moment. The lyrics to “Attention” has been composed by Charlie Puth and Jacob Kasher and the song produced by Charlie Puth himself.

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An impressive number of instruments have been used in recording music for this single. As captioned on the YouTube page, the instruments are Korg Triton Studio, Juno 60, Omnisphere, Trillian for the Bass, Rhodes 77, Yamaha DX7, Pro Tools I2, Fender Stratocaster and Martin HD-28 Acoustic.

Lyrics to the song are simple, but very attractive.

Lyrics Review of “Attention”

Verse 1

You’ve been runnin’ round, runnin’ round, runnin’ round Throwin’ that dirt all on my name
‘Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I’d call you up
You’ve been going round, going round, going round
Every party in LA
‘Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I’d be at one

What is the easiest way to get attention of somebody? Talk smack about them behind their back! That’s exactly what this girl did running around LA. So the singer had to call her up. She was going to all the parties in LA hoping to bump into the singer. So we can decide that the relationship has already ended in the light of the singer realizing that she was just using him.

Maybe “Attention” is drawn out of a personal experience? Because a superstar like Charlie Puth could be a prime target if you want to get a part of the spotlight on him.


I know that dress is karma, perfume regret
You got me thinking ’bout when you were mine (Ohh)
And now I’m all up on ya, what you expect
But you’re not coming home with me tonight

She is not in a good place right now. Karma is what she has in store for her life. Results of her bad actions have surrounded her, there’s no escape. It’s a life of regret and she wreaks of the stink of regret.

But she has managed to get the “Attention” of the singer now, but the singer is saying she is not going to be his girlfriend again.


You just want attention
You don’t want my heart
Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new
Yeah, you just want attention
I knew from the start
You’re just making sure I’m never gettin’ over you (Ohh)

She just wants him to herself-maybe he was with benefits. She had no intentions for a true-love kind of relationship.

Verse 2

You’ve been runnin’ round, runnin’ round, runnin’ round Throwing that dirt all on my name
‘Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I’d call you up
Baby, now that we’re, now that we’re, now that we’re
Right here standing face to face
You already know, already know, already know that you won

Verse 2 is pretty similar to verse 1 except that the singer is saying now that he has met her up in person (after all the dirt thrown around), he already regrets the decision. Because it feels as if she has won the game. The singer is not going back to a relationship with her-but just meeting up with her feels as if losing to the singer. He wants no part of her in his life. But looks as if she has some strong grip on him as well.

However, “Attention” draws to an end after the chorus repeats for a few more times with a refrain. And we are hooked with this track.

Charlie Puth is known for coming up with catchy songs and “Attention” climbs up right on to the top of that list. We expect to see some strong chart movements with this single.

Let us know in the comments below your opinions on this song and what are your expectations for the upcoming album.

2 thoughts on “Charlie Puth’s New Single “Attention” Is Smooth & Groovy (Lyrics Review)

  1. Love this review!
    I would like to know why he use the metaphor
    “Dress is karma, perfume regret”?

    1. Karms is loosely used to say that the bad we did comes behind us, right? So in the context of the song, I think it means that she carries bad karma around her. A cloth is a protective wear, and for her bad karma is all she got around her.

      “Perfume regret” could possibly mean that she reeks of regret-the regretful decisions of her past.

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