cardi b after getting her teeth fixed

Cardi B Gets Her Teeth Fixed & Shows Off to the World

Cardi B is an American rapper and a hip hop artist who has been making waves in the music biz in the past few years. Belcalis Almanzar, her birth name, got the attention of the public through Instagram with her fierce attitude and “no filter” culture. She joined VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast and gained much needed popularity to launch her music career. Now Cardi B is considered a decent rapper just tailing behind Nicki Minaj among female rappers in the industry.

Before becoming the platinum selling artist with “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B used to have crooked teeth, which itself made her popular. She wore it as a jewel and it didn’t hurt her. But eventually, she did decide to get her teeth fixed and the transformation is quite amazing.

Cardi B Before Getting Her Teeth Fixed

cardi B teeth before

cardi b teeth

After getting her teeth fixed, Cardi B used to smile more confidently and she looks absolutely stunning now.

Cardi B After Getting Her Teeth Fixed

Cardi B premiering her new teeth
Cardi B premiering her new teeth
Cardi B before and after fixing her teeth
Cardi B before and after fixing her teeth

Now her smile is flawless and she has an amazing personality to fit it.

Cardi B looking gorgeous
Cardi B looking gorgeous

cardi b teeth after

Cardi B from
Cardi B from “Bodak Yellow”

We have to give props to Cardi B for bearing it all up before she got her teeth fixed. Instagram is a merciless world to models and their likes. However, Cardi B’s decision to fix her teeth has been paying off well, as she has been selected for a role in BET’s show ‘Being Mary Jane.’ And her music career too has taken off.

Take a look at more of Cardi B’s life on her official Instagram profile.

Let us know what you think about Cardi B’s new makeover. Should she have been the way she was or made a change?

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