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Zayn – Dusk Till Dawn Ft. Sia (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

After a brief trailer to the upcoming collab between Zayn and Sia, “Dusk Till Dawn” music video is finally released. The video starts off promising a lot of action, but settles down to a more calm and serenade scenery during the video. The 5 minute 37 second music video shows Zayn engaging in a heist with his partner in crime played by Jemma Kirke and getting away from the police.

“Dusk Till Dawn” has the inspirational touch produced by Sia’s amazing vocals. Zayn sticks to his sexy voice and poses throughout the song. The song is written by Greg Kurstin, Sia and Zayn.

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There is no deep rooted meaning into this song, but let’s take a look at the lyrics.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Dusk Till Dawn”

The song, in general, speaks about a relationship that is unwavering of any obstacle thrown in their way. “Dusk” means the time of the day when the Sun sets down and this is a metaphor to hardships in life. “Dawn” is the time of the day when the Sun comes up again. Sunrise is usually a symbolism for new beginnings, hope and prosperity. So the song speaks about their love being unchallenged in times of hardships and good times.

Verse 1

Not tryna be indie
Not tryna be cool
Just tryna be in this
Tell me are you too?
Can you feel where the wind is?
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room

Zayn speaks about love and life in the first verse of “Dusk Till Dawn.” “Indie” usually refers to ‘independent,’ which could mean that Zayn is not looking to be take on life solo. He does not want to be cool. He is just trying to make it in this world.

This is also a small reminder to 1D fans that he is not trying to go ‘indie’ which is a music genre and he is not thinking himself too cool to be in a band. He is just trying to make it in the music world.

The “wind” in this verse could mean ‘opportunities.’ As in Zayn is saying that he was feeling so much of opportunities outside of 1D. He was feeling as if he was trapped in a room while he was in the band.


‘Cause I wanna touch you baby
I wanna feel it too
I wanna see the sunrise
On your sins just me and you
Light it up, on the run
Let’s make love tonight
Make it up, fall in love, try

This is Zayn and Sia purely getting physical. “Dusk Till Dawn” is not only romantic, but it has a certain sensual aura to it too.

“Your sins” here refer to the carnal activities which is looked down by some religions. Maybe Zayn is trying to say that she is of a specific religion that shuns pre-marital sex, hence the strong reference to “your” sins and not his.

He knows they will have pitfalls and mountains on their journey, but he wants them to keep trying.


But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I am right here

The chorus of “Dusk Till Dawn” is a strong reassurance that no matter what goes wrong in life, their significant other will stay strong in the relationship.

Verse 2

We were shut like a jacket
So do your zip
We would roll down the rapids
To find a wave that fits
Can you feel where the wind is
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room

A straight jacket is used to keep criminals from escaping, while they are being transported. Zayn was feeling being this trapped in his past life (maybe referring to 1D again?).

“Rapids” are rough waters which is a reference to tough times in life. They have jumped from one tough spot to another to find some stability in this relationship. We think he is finally feeling better about himself now.

With Zayn’s dreamy voice and Sia’s powerful resonance “Dusk Till Dawn” is a fail-proof song in nature.

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6 thoughts on “Zayn – Dusk Till Dawn Ft. Sia (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. Maria, just say you’re homophobic and move on. No need to spread hate, darling. We are just people trying to live our lives. We are no different from anyone else apart from our sexual preference. You couldn’t even imagine the amount of hatred we get just from loving someone. You don’t get discriminated against loving men, do you? Didn’t think so.

  2. i don’t really agree with all the 1D relation. From my point of view, as an lgbt person, this song looks more like an lgbt anthem : i’m not sure but i think he is saying at the beginning “not tryna be in there”. Anyway, to me the first verse shows the identity struggles the main singer has : trying to be himself, not trying to be cool ( some people think being gay is cool ) asking his partner how things are going for him maybe ? ” tell me are you too ?” they seem to struggle both, the wind here seems to mean freedom, they are looking for a way to be themselves, to be free : like trapped in a room, he can see other people being themselves but he can’t, maybe because he lives in a lgbt phobic country, or is from a lgbt phobic family.

    To me the pre chorus means all the things he wants to do but can, because of the lgbt-phobia around him. “i wanna see the sunrise on your sins just me and you”, in many religions, homosexuality or transgenderism are considered as sins. The last word, try, means they are both doing this for the first time, trying to make love maybe ? trying to be happy together by going away to find a place safer and more tolerant ?

    The chorus show how engaged the two partners feel to each other, and i totally agree with the analysis here.

    The second verse is to me a metaphoric of how lgbt people are treated in some countries were being gay is illegal : in some country, homosexuals are going to jail, in others they are sentenced to death. If we make a parallel with the first verse, it seems that the couple is trying to escape from this kind of place were their life is in danger. I agree with the other part of the analysis, they are going to follow a dangerous path, and they will find ultimately a way to be themselves, they need to find the right way to escape, to find a “wave that fits”. Here again, the wind is a metaphoric of freedom.

    What is really important is the end of the song, which is not analyzed here, just after the second chorus :

    “Go, give love to your body

    It’s only you that can stop it

    Go, give love to your body

    It’s only you that can stop it

    Go, give love to your body

    It’s only you that can stop it

    Go, give love to your body

    Go, give love to your body”

    And this is to me one of the most important part of the song, and one of the strongest : to me this talks about interiorized homophobia, and self hate many lgbt youth face in their identity struggles, this is also relatable to trans people who just don’t fit in their bodies and need to be themselves, but can’t and hate the way they are : these lyrics tells us that self hate is useless, and the only way to stop suffering is to love yourself and to be yourself. The only way they can stop suffering is by embracing their true identity, embracing the fact that they are trans, or gay or whatever they are, go give love to your body, give love to yourself. This could also be a message for all these people who have body issues like anorexy, they just need to love themselves to get out of this situation.

    Finally the song ends up with the last chorus, which could show here that people are not alone, as there is someone who will always be with the singer here, there will always be people for you, who are listening this song, if you feel bad, or feel rejected.

    It seems to me that Zayn and Sia, are comparing two criminals trying to escape their life, to escape from everything society put to stop them, just as some lgbt people do in some countries : trying to escape this lgbt phobic and dangerous society that hunts them like criminals while they just want to be themselves and to be able to live their love together, and try to be happy.

    1. That was a very interesting perspective you brought up. I had not think “Dusk Till Dawn” could have anything to do with LGBT until you put it into perspective.

      Your arguments cannot be ignored. The references are strong when you make the unseen link. It can very well be an anthem for LGBT community. We will never know.
      But thank you for your inputs.

    2. also the lyrics when he said:
      “we were shut like a jacket, so do your zip.”
      I think it’s talking about secret relationship.

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