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Watch Fifth Harmony Glam Up in “Deliver” Music Video (Review)

Fifth Harmony released their brand new music video “Deliver” from the 2017 self titled album. The music video shows Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Ally Brooke all dressed up to the sevens and resembling the likes of Madonna and Beyonce. In fact Dinah Jane’s resemblance to Beyonce is quite uncanny in this music video.

“Deliver” speaks about keeping their mans happy. They want to ‘deliver’ to their men. The song’s context is more or less sexual, as Dinah says “the kinda song for when you’re getting down with your man.” I think that statement wraps up what the song is all about.

The music video switches between colour and black and white. The girls are dressed in all black strapless dresses complete with elbow-long black gloves. They are donned with pearly jewelry and hair is in perfect 50’s style hairdos.

Watch “Deliver” Music Video by Fifth Harmony

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Yeah, my baby knows that I deliver
That’s exactly what I’m gon’ do, do
Yeah, my baby knows that I deliver
He know what’s coming when I come through, through

The song is produced by The Stereotypes and lyrics done by Whitney Phillips, Ray McCullough, Ray Romulus, Jeremy Reeves, Jonathan Yip and Taylor Parks.

Lauren described the song as: “It’s super “Destiny’s Child” and it gives you good soul and harmonies. The melodies are crazy and the concept is awesome. It bounces, and it’s super clever.”

He know I keep it ready on the regular
So I don’t have to get ready, ain’t no setting up
When I give it, I make sure I give more than enough, yeah
He know, he know this, he know, he know this

The song keeps on talking about how well these ladies are going to treat their men. Being ready for anything at the request of their men. This essentially does not have to be anti-feminist as some critics see. Feminism being empowered women making their own choices, if it is their choice to keep their men happy, that is all what matters.

Either way, we are hooked to this classic and retro style brought in “Deliver” music video by Fifth Harmony. If you love the song or the music video, let us know why in the comments below.

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