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Shakira Brings Back Sexy Dancing in “Perro Fiel” Music Video

Shakira collaborated with Nicky Jam on her latest single “Perro Fiel” which roughly translates to English as “faithful dog.” The song appears in Shakira’s 2017 album ‘El Dorado’ which was a big hit. “Perro Fiel” is essentially a song about undying love, how the two of them will be together through good and bad.

“Perro Fiel” has a dialogue style where Shakira and Nicky Jam go back and forth with verses. The music video for the song is gorgeous as Shakira is seen covered in gold paint and giving a sexy dance, which has some amazing belly dancing moves as well.

Watch “Perro Fiel” Music Video

You can buy the ‘El Dorado’ album on iTunes and Amazon.

Some verses roughly translated to English are as follows;

Verse 1-Shakira

Aquí estás
Ya no puedes detenerte

Here you are
You can’t stop now

Verse 1-Nicky Jam

¿Dónde vas? Si estoy loco por tenerte
Cómo lo iba a saber
Que te vería otra vez


Where are you going? If I’m crazy to have you
How would I know
I would see you again

Chorus-Nicky Jam

Tú me confundes, no sé qué hacer
Yo lo que quiero es pasarla bien

You confuse me, I do not know what to do
I want to have a good time


Yo tengo miedo de que me guste
Y que vaya a enloquecer

I’m afraid that I like itAnd I’m going to go crazy

Chorus-Nicky Jam

Si eso pasa yo seguiré
Contigo aquí como un perro fiel

If that happens I will continue
With you here as a faithful dog

You can find the full translated lyrics here.

The verses go on like that switching from male to female character nonstop. In the end it is a beautifully choreographed dance between the two soul mates.

What do you think about “Perro Fiel” and the music video? Got any better lyrics translations? Let us know in the comments below.

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