rick ross santorini greece music video review

Rick Ross Flaunts Riches While Topless in “Santorini Greece” Music Video

Rick Ross is a true boss in his new video “Santorini Greece” that was premiered today. The music video takes place in Santorini, Greece and is directed by Ryan Snyder. Rick Ross flaunts his luxuries, yachting, drinking champagne and wearing gold and diamond bling all over him. The lyrics give you a moral boost to become Rick Ross-rich in your life. Rick Ross is assumed to have a net worth of $35 million as of 2017.

Through the video, we get to see some breathtaking shots of the beautiful island of Santorini in what seems like at dusk and dawn. The video shows some iconic locations in the city and a handful of people.

Watch “Santorini Greece” by Rick Ross

Rick Ross does not hold back on “Santorini Greece” in expressing his current state and his idea of luxury lifestyle.

Rich niggas and it’s set and stone
Neck rocky, Sylvester Stallone
See me in Capris or them Andes
Santorini, Greece with a dime piece
My money long, you know I’m out your reach
Only fat nigga jogging on the beach
Versace underwear but see the ass crack
Oblivious to how rapid my cash stack

But like some of the best artists, he has not had an easy pathway towards success.

Seen a Cuban kilo I was 15
Dealing yayo never had my teeth cleaned
Restricted license but I’m so divisive
I know the snipers and I flow the nicest

Rick Ross goes back and forth comparing his past vs the present. He had to crawl through the bottom of the barrel to get to the top of the champagne bottle. So he is telling his story, and it is an interesting one to read.

“Santorini Greece” video does not go shy on showing some hot women on a yacht sipping champagne with Rick Ross. What is true boss life if it isn’t for two hot women on a yacht?

We love the lyrics and the video to “Santorini Greece” and would like to hear your opinion on the same. Leave a comment below and share this article with your friends.

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