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Absolute Trippy Video for “2U” from David Guetta & Justin Bieber

David Guetta has released a music video for one of his latest successes “2U” featuring vocals by Justin Bieber. The song is actually quite good and romantic. The song speaks about a forever kinda love and how each other would do anything to protect the relationship. We had high hopes for the music video, and that may have lead us to a much greater disappointment.

With the release of the audio earlier this year, some people got the Victoria’s Secret angels to star in a lip sync video for “2U” and that gave us all the feels. The gorgeous models clad in lingerie were a stunning sight to see, along with the song playing in the background. This video might have set unexpectedly high standards for the official music video.

Watch “2U” Official Music Video

To sum up the contents of the video, its three and a half minutes of this guy getting slapped in the face for what it seems like no apparent reason. He gets one kiss at the end of the video, which I assume is trying to say that all of the physical abuse was worth it.

The video shows a series of constant mess ups (I assume) by the guy and getting a first hand look at the wrath of his girlfriend. She, on the other hand, has perfected the face of utter disappointment. The guy is seen running through several scenarios and still coming out the ‘bad guy.’

Trying to make sense of “2U” music video might be beyond my comprehension. So, if you like to help us, be our guest and write down your thoughts in the comments below.

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