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Watch the Bizarre “What Lovers Do” Video by Maroon 5 Ft. SZA (Review)

Maroon 5 and SZA came up with an impressive collaboration “What Lovers Do” that gained a lot of publicity from the fans. The song speaks about a sweet love story between a couple trying to lead a couple’s lifestyle. The song is very catchy and Adam Levine and SZA do an excellent work on the audio track. The music video for the song was released today and we are not sure if it lives up to the standard.

“What Lovers Do” is Maroon 5’s first music work in 2017 and the song is not connected to any album work as of yet. The music video is directed by Joseph Khan who has also helped with Taylor Swift on many music videos lately.

Watch “What Lovers Do” Music Video

The music video for “What Lovers Do” is quite all over the place in my opinion. It starts from their childhood when they played on a magical tree, on which you could run up the tree on foot. Adam Levine falls from the tree to a field with dinosaurs from a 100 million years ago.

Then we find SZA and Adam Levine running on some thin ice on the north pole or the south. Of course, the penguins join with them for no reason. Then they appear on a marathon event from the 70’s, joined by Jurassic age creatures as well. In the middle of the field are tanks and fighter jets.

Then “What Lovers Do” shows us the couple on jet skis, in endless waves while dolphins accompany them. Don’t miss out the sparks the jet skis produce in water!

Then the couple ends up at a card game, which I assume is poker and by the looks of it, played with several packs of cards. 5 aces are already on the table and SZA has two more aces with her. That is a brain-flush!

For the grand finale, a giant Adam Levine attacks the city.

Obviously, “What Lovers Do” music video was made with a comedic inclination and you might love it. We think it could have done more justice to this amazing song. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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