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Fan Request: Shawn Mendes Live Streams a Freestyle on Love (Lyrics Review & Song Meaning)

We, at JustRandomThings, are starting off a new segment thanks to our fans. From this article onward we will be undertaking fan requests. The fan requests could be anything about a song, artist, concert, parts of lyrics and even your own creations. We will happily look at your request and fulfill to the best of our abilities.

Below is a message sent to us by Emily and she wants us to give a second opinion on the below song, actually a freestyle, by Shawn Mendes done on his Instagram live stream. Thank you Emily for your request and we will try our best to interpret this song. You can watch the video after this message sent by Emily.

“Hi, singer Shawn Mendes recently did a Instagram live stream where he sang a song freestyle. He sounded very emotional and almost desperate, and I’m interested in knowing what your analysis of the lyrics is. The lyrics:

“She’ll be the love inside my soul
How can I not try
She’ll be the love that I can’t breath
She’ll be the kind that makes me feel
She’ll be the one to break my heart
She’ll be the one to break my fall
How can I not try
How can I not try to break my heart
She’ll be the one to break my fall
She’ll be the one to break my heart cause I love her so much and I fall apart
Oh she’ll be the one to break my fall
Oh she’ll be the one to break my heart
Oh no no
Oh no no
Cause she’ll be the one to break my heart
She’ll be the one to rip me apart
Oh woo woo
Oh woo woo
Oh no nah nah nah nah no
She’ll be the one to break my heart Yeah
She’ll be the one to break my heart
She’ll be the one to break my heart and I haven’t even met her yet but I know that she’ll find me
Oh oh oh
No no no
How can I not try
How can I not try
How can I not try
How can I not try.”

The lyrics above are what I heard after trying my best to listen to it a few times. To me, it sounds like he really wants to be with this girl he loves, but he’s afraid that it won’t work well because of his busy schedules, which makes him so sad. They love each other so much and he doesn’t want to hurt her. What do you think?? Here’s a link to the actual video that someone posted on YouTube: You can check it out if you want. Looking forward to your reply! Thanks so much, Emily”

Watch Shawn Mendes Perform a Freestyle Live Stream

Lyrics Review and Song Analysis

Emily, we think you are quite right. This is an utterly heartbreaking song by Shawn Mendes. He is talking about a relationship that hasn’t even started yet and he is still heartbroken. To put it simply, Shawn Mendes is afraid of the future-a future that is possible.

One thing is certain in love and that is the one who gets attached the most, will hurt the most should the relationship come to a halt. In these lyrics we can clearly see that Shawn Mendes is head-over-heels for this girl, whoever she could be. He goes as far as to call her the “love inside my soul,” which is not an easy thing to find these days. So it is natural that he will be devastated when the relationship comes to an end. The saddest part is, she herself is the one person who can ‘break his fall’ too. So when she leaves from his life, there will be no one to break his fall. He will crash into pieces.

Looking at this disastrous ending, Shawn Mendes still cannot make himself to stop looking for this woman. At least, he will keep himself open for a love when it finds him. “Is the pain worth the ride” would be the final question he would have to answer when the dust settles.

Shawn Mendes talks of this relationship as if it was meant to fall apart. The reason is quite unclear to us. It could be the hectic work schedule of a mainstream artist. Tours last for months or even years and studio time trumps family time. So in his perspective, it is fair to assume that any relationship he would get into, would fail either way.

Shawn Mendes does sound utterly broken during this live stream of the song. At one point it seemed as though his voice was breaking. Was he narrating his personal experiences? We will not know. But these are some very relatable lyrics.

Emily, we hope that we were able to fulfill your request and now you have a second perspective on these verses. Please connect with us and let us know what you think about our opinion and let’s build up a discussion on this.

Thank you for your request 🙂

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