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Taylor Swift Hosts ‘Reputation’ Secret Sessions in London (Pics)

Earlier we told you how Taylor Swift had begun to stalk her fans on social media. The same behavior was seen before the release of her last album ‘1989’ in 2014. Another novel and brilliant marketing strategy Taylor did was hold ‘secret sessions’ with a selected set of fans. These secret sessions included exclusive mingle time with Taylor Swift and listening to the new album before release. The history is repeating again and Taylor Swift is holding secret sessions again.

Taylor Swift is said to be in her apartment in London at the moment shooting another music video. While working on the new album ‘Reputation,’ which we assume is complete by now, she is holding ‘Reputation Secret Sessions’ in her apartment with an exclusive set of Swifties. How these Swifties were selected, we do not know. But by now, they were fortunate enough to listen to the entire ‘Reputation’ album.

Here are some pictures from the secret sessions


Taylor Swift clearly went with an outfit to suit the ‘Reputation’ era. She was wearing a black dress and black stockings and had the iconic snake rings on her hand as well. Taylor had knee-high black boots which had red with white striped snaked coiling on. She went with a full on ‘Snake Queen’ outfit for this secret session.

These secret sessions are conducted in high privacy. We assume Taylor Swift or her representative directly contacts the Swifties who are selected for this private event and swears them to secrecy of the music they are about to listen to.

These pictures are the only proofs that are left of the secret sessions being held before an album release. Whatever happened during these private events, one thing that is certain is that these exclusive Swifties have had the best time of their lives right now.

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