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Kygo – Stranger Things Ft. OneRepublic (Lyrics Meaning and Song Review)

Kygo has acclaimed some international recognition with some massive hits such as “Firestone” featuring Conrad Sewel and “It Ain’t Me” featuring Selena Gomez. So the Norwegian music producer is preparing to release his second studio album ‘Kids In Love’ which is expected early November 2017. From this album he has released a single titled “Stargazing” featuring Justin Jesso which was a big hit as well. Today (Oct 30), Kygo has released another single from the album and this is called “Stranger Things” and features Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic on vocals.

“Stranger Things” has a soothing melody and Ryan Tedder does an amazing job on the vocals. The song speaks about the love for unknown and love for life in a most unique way.

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The lyrics to the song are quite simple, but strange. The singer speaks about life and love in a unique mixture in this track which is worth exploring.

We used to run around this ghost town
Always thinking out loud
Are we gonna get out
I remember
We dream of places that we could go
Castles with the strange glow
People that we don’t know
I remember

The lyric reminisce the artist’s early days when they used to play around in their home towns. They saw it as a ghost town-no activity-no life-no opportunity. So it is natural they thought and even dreamt about other places-castles and new people and new experiences.

We left the light
That’s ordinary from the start
We look for stranger things
‘Cause that’s just who we are
Found me the edges something beautiful than love
Like I’m picturing now

The singer says they were never fans of being ‘ordinary.’ They always sought for different things-experiences. Being different takes guts and when you see beyond the boxed mindset we all are in, the stranger things become beautiful things. Sometimes even more beautiful than love itself.

I see a Technicolor shadow
Underneath your window
Just in case you don’t know
I can see it
You cast among an unfamiliar day glow
Different than what I know
Shining like a halo
I can feel it

Verse 2 of “Stranger Things” speak about being in love. Makes us wonder if the entire stranger experience he talked about was love. He is mesmerized by this person’s halo and it’s unfamiliar to him. Real love?

Anyway, “Stranger Things” is yet another intoxicating work of music by Kygo and Ryan Tedder completes it.

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