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Watch the 10 Minute Making-Of Video “Gorgeous” by Taylor Swift

“Gorgeous” was released as the second official single of Taylor Swift’s upcoming sixth studio album ‘Reputation.’ The song has Taylor Swift mesmerized over a gorgeous looking guy, like good old days. We did a review of the lyrics of the song as well. Just a few minutes ago Taylor Swift released a 10 minute long clip that gives us a rare glimpse into the making of a classic Taylor Swift hit.

This ‘making of’ video of “Gorgeous” shows us how the song came into be. From crafting lyrics, fixing a beat, choosing instruments and what not, Taylor Swift shows the long hours put behind creating a song. One thing that is rare in the industry and unique to Taylor Swift is the fact that she barely sits infront of a computer to produce her music. Throughout the video we can see Taylor Swift trying “Gorgeous” verses at her piano and guitar.

Watch the Making of “Gorgeous” Song


We see Taylor Swift trying the keyboard and thinking on the perfect tune and lyrics for the song in her apartment. Suddenly an automatic window cleaner blade runs through the window behind her and she gets freaked out. “Ghosts” says Taylor Swift and continues with her work.

The video starts from Day 1 and continues to 2 weeks in the completion of the song and at the end of the video, we hear the full song with the music.

Another impressive thing about this making of video for “Gorgeous” is that we get to hear her live vocal skills. She needs no auto-tune or digital alterations to hit her pitches. Quite impressive.

We are fully impressed at the time and energy spent on creating a song as this and her live singing skills. What did you think about this video and the song? Let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure to share this article with your friends too.

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