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Selena Gomez Premiers Super Hot “Wolves” Video Ft. Marshmello

The 25 year old Selena Gomez is on a streak of releasing some sexy and sultry music videos, the latest being “Wolves” in collaboration with Marshmello. Earlier this year she released a very hot music video for “Fetish” single as well. Selena also released a vertical video for “Wolves” last week for which she dressed in a robe. Yesterday, the Pop star announced the release of the official music video on Apple Music. The video is not available for streaming on other media sites yet. But we have a clip of what is to come.

Watch Full “Wolves” Video by Selena Gomez

Based on this cropped video, we can expect some sultry scenes further along the video. We have some screenshots from the “Wolves” video that we thought would be the highlights.

Selena Gomez in
Selena Gomez in “Wolves” video Source:
selena gomez wolves hot
selena gomez wolves video hot sexy

As far as these pictures are concerned, we can expect an artistic video with a lot of abstract concepts and a pinch of sexual tensity.

Selena Gomez also announced that she will be performing “Wolves” at American Music Awards on Sunday 19th November.

Selena Gomez posted a clip of the music video on Instagram to announce the release on Apple Music.

Stay tuned with us as we will be posting the full length music video as soon as it is available on other streaming sites. This will most likely be after Sunday’s AMA performance.

What do you think about these hot and sultry music videos by Selena Gomez? Fan or nah? Is she entering a similar phase as Miley Cyrus did two years back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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