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Dua Lipa Premiers “IDGAF” Music Video (Lyrics Review)

Dua Lipa has blessed us all with another music video from her 2017 debut album ‘Dua Lipa.’ The new music video for “IDGAF” is something unique as two versions of Dua Lipa herself is starring in the video at the same time. As Dua said herself on Twitter; “The #IDGAFMusicVideo was the toughest and most challenging video to film. I took us 22hours to shoot starting at 6am and finishing at 4am the day after but the most rewarding. I am so proud and lucky. Thank you for your love.”

The song speaks about a relationship that is done and dusted. The singer is only left with the tiresome memories of forgiving the guy again and again. So she has been pushed to the limit to say “I Don’t Give a Fuck” to any and everything the guy says and does.

You say you’re sorry, but it’s too late now
So save it, get gone, shut up
‘Cause if you think I care about you now
Well, boy, I don’t give a fuck

Watch “IDGAF” Music Video by Dua Lipa

The video has two Dua Lipas starring at the same time showing two versions of herself-one strong and professional (blue coats) and the other hip and weak (orange), and the music video is a constant battle among these two personas. However, in the end of the video these two versions become more cohesive as one person.

Lyrics to “IDGAF”


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