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Taylor Swift Boozing and Partying It Up in “End Game” Music Video (Review)

She is not the person that she used to be or rather she is not the innocence that fans perceived her to be seems like the message behind the entirety of ‘Reputation’ album by Taylor Swift. Starting from snakes to calling out her haters and Kanye West in very not-so-subtle lyrics, this new album has been a game changer-if not a life changer for Taylor Swift herself. The new music video released for “End Game” further proves this point.

Unlike Taylor’s previous music videos, we see Taylor loosening down and partying it up in “End Game” music video. She is accompanied with her long time friend Ed Sheeran and new friend Future. They are seen partying it up in three cities around the world-Miami, Tokyo and London.

Alcoholic Themed?

Another important fact to notice about “End Game” music video is that Taylor Swift is seen having so many drinks-presumably alcoholic and many varieties too.

First we see a party on a yacht in Miami and Taylor Swift is seen holding what seems like an expensive shot of whiskey. Although we do not see her sipping it, the idea is clear.

Next party takes her to Tokyo where she meets Ed Sheeran and there they party it up. There we see Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift downing a shot of clear liquid which looks like tequila, or considering they are in Japan, it could be one of Japan’s native drinks-Sake. And thereafter Taylor Swift acts drunk as well, while Ed Sheeran performs her verse.

Then for a short few seconds we see Taylor Swift holding a mug of dark liquid which looks like beer.

Of course, she sips on a juice box which has a secret meaning as well.

Then the “End Game” party moves to London which starts off with a toast of champagne-looked like the Jan 1st celebrations. There is an open bar wherever Tay is partying up and she is seen ordering a mug full of beer and making another toast. Then, we see a friend coming up to Taylor Swift and making her drink what seems like a margarita. Finally, we see her sipping on some more whiskey through a straw.

So yes, it is quite conclusive that she wanted to say that she does loosen down time-to-time.

Watch “End Game” Music Video by Taylor Swift

Be it booze or not, at the end of it, the music video shows Taylor Swift having a good time with her friends. We see nothing wrong with that.

And sorry to disappoint you all about the Katy Perry rumors! Guess it was too far fetched.

What do you think about the new “End Game” music video by Taylor Swift? Lived up to the expectations? Beyond? What is the idea behind this booze-themed song? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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