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Justin Timberlake – Say Something Ft. Chris Stapleton (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Justin Timberlake is hyping up for the release of his new album titled ‘Man of The Woods’ which is due on February 2. So far, he has released three singles off of the album-“Filthy,” “Supplies” and the third and latest “Say Something.” This is one of the only two collaborations on the song and features Chris Stapleton with vocals and guitar. The other song is “Morning Light” featuring Alicia Keys.

“Say Something” finds Justin Timberlake visiting his Country roots and who could have been a more perfect partner than Chris Stapleton! Justin Timberlake and Timbaland has had parts in production of this song.

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Entire song is eluded in mystery. There is no specific interpretation that we can derive from it without getting more hints at the context.

In a general sense, JT says that these days everybody has something to say. It doesn’t really matter what they say, but everybody wants to express their opinions. Sometimes, this is not freedom of speech, as it hurts other people and puts them at disadvantage.

It seems as if everybody is having a protest, campaign, rally etc about something everyday. There is somebody who is against everything. This is not something uncommon to the music industry as well. There are a lot of ‘words’ being thrown around, hidden underneath catchy beats and rhymes. JT could be referring to that as well.

JT is releasing his upcoming album ‘Man of The Woods’ after 5 years of the release of his last album ‘The 20/20 Experience.’ He could be telling us that, it’s better to hold your tongue when you have nothing to say than to blabber out just for fame and fortune.

I don’t wanna get caught, up in the rhythm of it
But I can’t help myself, no, I can’t help myself, no, no
Caught up in the middle of it

He is an eminent part of the Pop music culture that is today and JT could be feeling like he s part of the conformity.

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The music video for “Say Something” shows a desolate building where JT and Chris Stapleton start singing and both playing their guitars. It is noteworthy that JT starts off the music by playing some heavy electronic sounds and then shifts to the guitar. Does this mean a shift of genres is coming? Either way, towards the end of the video, many people have gathered in the desolate building to watch them play.

Full Lyrics to “Say Something” by Justin Timberlake


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