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Halsey – Bad At Love (Full Lyrics and Song Meaning)

Halsey has been quite impressive with her vocals in her 2017 album ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ on which “Bad At Love” track appears. This song is the fourth single off the album and one of the most successful tracks on it. The song speaks about why her different relationships fell apart and how she has accepted that she is at fault-and hence the title “Bad At Love.”

The single has reached #5 spot on Billboard Hot 100 and this is Halsey’s highest Billboard scoring yet in a solo production. The music video has accumulated over 80 million views on YouTube alone. RIAA has certified the single ‘Platinum’ in the United States which is awarded after sales and streaming figures surpass 1 million.

Halsey also released an artwork for the single on her Twitter page.

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The song essentially speaks about why the singer is bad at the game of love. It is a tricky game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. In this particular song, Halsey joins a sisterhood and embraces freedom over commitment. Let’s go through some notable lyrics from the song.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Bad At Love”

Verse one of the song speaks about a boy in Michigan. ‘Jack’ here refers to the popular whiskey brand Jack Daniels. So probably he was a drunkard and did not take lightly to the fact that Halsey didn’t like his friends. Probably these friends were the prime motivator for his drinking. Either way, they squabbled over his love of Jack Daniels and his friends and the relationship ended.

There’s a guy that lives in the garden state
And he told me that we’d make it ’til we graduate
So I told him that the music would be worth the wait
But he wants me in the kitchen with a dinner plate

‘Garden State’ refers to New Jersey and this boy promised that they will be happy forever. So Halsey was ready to give up her music to wait for their graduation to settle together. But this boy does not want Halsey to pursue a career in music and obviously Halsey had to let it go.

The pre-chorus of the song has Halsey admitting the reasons for the breakups are he fault. She says she was jealous, egoistic and she never corrected them as well. Considering that verse one had none of these qualities shown by Halsey, she must be speaking about other relationships here.

Verse 2

Is Halsey admitting that she is bi-sexual? She says that she dated a girl from California once. But it was not working out as she was addicted to cocaine as referred by ‘thin white lines.’

Halsey also dated a girl from London and she kept it very low key. But it wasn’t meant to be as well. They had more important things to do? I’m assuming Halsey pursued her music career in USA and the London girl was pre-occupied with her work in UK.


As the chorus of the song says, Halsey can’t be blamed for trying. Everybody needs love and Halsey is still looking for hers.


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