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Very Anti-Valentines “River” Music Video by Eminem (Review)

One of the better songs of Eminem’s latest album ‘Revival’ is a track named “River” which also features vocals by Ed Sheeran. The song was meant for greatness and it has surpassed fan’s expectations. “River” speaks about a very broken-twisted relationship/family. It is unclear if Eminem drew inspiration from his life for this song and the music video. However, at the end of the 7-minute music video, Em says the song is something he wanted to get out of his chest for a long time. So it is only justifiable to guess that it had something to do with Em’s twisted childhood.

Ed Sheeran performs an amazing chorus on “River” and he appears on the music video as well. This is the first time these two artist have collaborated on a single.

The amazing flow of lyrics have been crafted by Ed Sheeran, Emile Haynie and Eminem himself.

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“River” music video goes into graphic details to show the broken relationship Em is having with a girl. The girl gets to know that her man is cheating on her and she resolves to revenge on him by cheating on with Eminem. What was supposed to end in a one night stand turned into several nights and they were hooked at the sensation. She was under the assumption that she could not get pregnant.

‘Cause now with her in the womb
We can’t bring her in this bullshit in new
To use protection ‘fore I pity to your forbidden crew, fuck

The news that she got pregnant starts a wildfire in Eminem as he did not want to bring a new life into this messed up situation. The only possible option was abortion.

The song and the video brings out the message that broken relationships end up in abortions. The chaos in a broken relationship has been depicted excellently in the music video. There is no scene that is calm and quite. Everything looks disturbed and distorted.

We believe “River” is a brilliant work of music by Eminem tagging along Ed Sheeran. We would like to hear your opinions on this song, so leave a comment below.

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