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ZAYN Premiers “Entertainer” Single and Music Video (Lyrics Review)

Zayn’s solo journey takes a leap as he is preparing for his second studio album. The first single “Let Me” of the possible album was released earlier this year and it has been a massive success so far. Today, Zayn surprised the fans with a new single and a music video along with it. “Entertainer” is a smooth track with a chilled out vibe to it and it will give you all the feels.

“Entertainer” speaks about a love between the singer and an entertainer. In the music video we are shown Zayn getting closer and cozy with a stripper and the entire song makes sense. Zayn is smart enough to keep this relationship at an arms-length, because he knows it is not built on much.

The smooth tune and suave lyrics has got the fans going crazy already, and we cannot blame them.

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The “Still Got Time” hit maker has dug deep into lyrics to craft “Entertainer” in its own sense a masterpiece. Even this music video looks promising to be a big hit.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Entertainer”

The song is about a relationship-a crooked one. Zayn plays such a decent character in the video, that we almost forget what the lyrics are screaming. The context of the song and the video is that Zayn is in some kind of relationship with an entertainer-a stripper at a club. But he ensures that he was not fooled by whatever this was.

Verse 1

Zayn says he was not fooled by what this ‘relationship’ looks like. In the video, we are clearly shown that this ‘entertainer’ girl is being set up with Zayn, possibly to scrape all his money. For the most part of the video, it seems like he falls head over heels for this girl. But the lyrics say otherwise.

Lucky enough, Zayn was able to see through her lies and tricks.


At no point in the lyrics, Zayn refers to this girl as a ‘girlfriend’ or any other affectionate noun. He keeps on calling her ‘entertainer’ which is a pretty cold and distant noun to call someone. This means that Zayn was never fooled by her tricks and he always saw her for what she was. He just watches her, laughs with her and engages in sex with her, which shows us she has never been a big part of his life.

Granted, she was his favorite dance girl and that was what she ever was to him. In this game of money, he makes the rules and he owns the game.

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“Entertainer” single cover art showing a stripper being injected blood on what it seems like a dance pole

The chorus of “Entertainer” is as harsh as it gets, underneath that sweet, smooth melody.

The singer says he will not stand by her at any point. He has no issue turning her down. However, this could be refering to her ulterior intentions with him. Her “time of need” could be money or other luxuries, which Zayn could be sayig he denied at all times. In such sense, it would mean that Zayn never fell under her spells.

Verse 2

This verse makes us wonder if Zayn was actually in love with this entertainer at some point. He says he felt her love towards him stop. So does this mean at one point, he actually was falling for her tricks?

Some supporting footage appears in the music video as well, where Zayn he seen getting cozy with this girl at his home. So we can conclude that they did have some relationship outside of the club. Was it love? We would not bet on it.


These lyrics are the final verdict for their ‘relationship’ that barely sustained. He has shut down her from his life as she could be quite toxic to him. He is out looking for love and this is the worst kind of love he could fall for. So, good for Zayn to walk away from this.

“Entertainer” is a unique mix of good music and soothing tunes. Of course, Zayn’s dreamy voice helps a lot in boosting this track on the charts.

Let us know if you enjoyed this new single and music video by Zayn. Are you excited for the new album? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and share this article with your friends.

Full Lyrics to “Entertainer” by Zayn


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