zayn let me single music video review

Watch the Action Packed Video for “Let Me” by Zayn

Zayn just might be getting ready to release his new album as he releases the first single in 2018 titled “Let Me.” Potential songs that could be found in this next album are “Still Got Time” and “Dusk Till Dawn” which are already released. However, no announcement regarding this has been made yet.

The new single “Let Me” is produced by Khaled Rohaim and MakeYouKnowLove (MYKL) whom also have contributed for the lyrics along with Zayn. The song is a story of Zayn stealing a girl from a mob boss.

Watch “Let Me” Music Video by Zayn

The song is a confession of love-how he will keep on loving her for the rest of his and her life. in the video, Zayn is working for a mob running errands of exchanging secretive packages and he has eyes on the girl his boss is keeping. The girl in “Let Me” video is the 20 year old model Sofia Jamora. There is little surprise that Zayn lays eyes on her.

This little game of cat and mouse with Zayn and the girl turns into a club fight and Zayn takes out some bulky bodyguards single handedly in a perfectly choreographed fight routine. Then we come to realize, the girl is a badass too. Then, of coure, they ride into the sunset in a boat.

As usual, Zayn does an impressive work on the vocals and his acting skills are improving. What do you think about this song and the video? Hit it up on the comments below.

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