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Watch the Sexy Video for “Ring” by Cardi B with Kehlani (Lyrics Review)

The new music video for “Ring” premiered just before Cardi B won a coveted award at the 2018 MTV VMAs. The new video featuring Kehlani was released from her debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy.’ However, Cardi B announced on social media that she had no idea the music video was being released today. Apparently, she has not even seen the final version of “Ring” before release.

She seems agitated, but nevertheless happy about the massive responses to the video. The video has accumulated over 6 million views in just over 2 days since release.

Cardi B and Kehlani both dress in matching, silvery attire for the music video. In a different set, we see Cardi B dressed in a sexy black leather attire, bound by black ropes from all sides.

Watch “Ring” Music Video by Cardi B

The song winds around the indecisiveness of caving in and making the call first to her lover. They have had a strong relationship and now it is fading away for some reason. They have hardly any time to talk to each other, and communication is the key to the success of any relationship. She is prideful and he is busy. But she wants him to make the first move because she can easily move on to another person if he is not ready to commit to her.

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Full Lyrics to “Ring” by Cardi B


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