zedd Elley Duhé happy now video review

Zedd and Elley Duhé Premier “Happy Now” Music Video (Review)

The gorgeous voice of Elley Duhé in Zedd’s “Happy Now” is unmistakable. The single that was released in July 2018 now has a music video for it. The song comes from a possible new album by Zedd. Other tracks from this album could be “Get Low,” “The Middle” and “Stay.”

“Happy Now” is a narrative by an ex, asking their partner is they are happy with their new life. A couple who has been so close at one point is now a world away. The song is written by Zedd, LotusIV, Sarah Aarons and Noonie Bao, and the complete vocal track is done by Elley Duhé. The music video is directed by Dori Oskowitz.

Watch “Happy Now” Music Video by Zedd

The music video of “Happy Now” takes a pretty psychotic u-turn very soon. We see a girl who is quite jealous of a girl who is with the guy of her dreams. To make matters worse, this love triangle has to hang out at parties. The jealous girl sees the other girl kissing her dream guy and she just loses it. She poisons everyone’s drinks and serves them. And everyone is on the floor dying in agony and the jealous girl calls the police framing the guy. Her wicked smile at the end of the video pretty much proves that she is semi-psychotic.

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