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Imagine Dragons’ New “Natural” Music Video is a Horror Show (Review)

Imagine Dragons released a brand new music video for their single “Natural,” which has gained much attention in the past few weeks. “Natural” single has the band going back to their hard-hitting roots from a few years back. The new video released today, takes cinematography in music videos to a whole other level.

“Natural” is a song about how devouring this world is and only the fittest can survive. That is the law of the jungle. So indirectly, the band is saying this world of humans has turned into a jungle-lawless and cold-hearted. Full lyrics analysis of the song can be found here.

The music video has made every attempt possible to make it creepy, bizarre and thrilling as much as possible. The video has everything from worms to graves to Slenderman.

Watch “Natural” Music Video

There are gravediggers, creepy ladies in white, maggots on rotten food, decaying humans, walking dead, people with lifeless masks on, a girl sleeping in a bathtub, lamb, a funeral, side shot of a buried body and even Slenderman makes a cameo in the video.

Amidst all this chaos, the band is playing the song in their natural rock element in a green field.

We believe this music video for “Natural” is quite creative and enhances the meaning conveyed by the lyrics. Let us know what you think about the song and the creepy music video.

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