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The Chainsmokers Premier “Save Yourself” with NGHTMRE (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

After releasing “Side Effects” single with a music video, The Chainsmokers have now released a brand new single “Save Yourself” today. The new single has a different tune altogether from their previous songs, possibly due to the collab with NGHTMRE.

“Save Yourself” also finds The Chainsmokers frontman-Andrew Taggart coming back to vocals. This song, along with “Sick Boy,” “Side Effects,” “You Owe Me,” “Somebody” and “Everybody Hates Me” are part of an EP titled ‘Sick Boy…Save Yourself’ released today. The lyrics to “Save Yourself” has been written by Andrew Taggart and Tyler Marenyi AKA NGHTMRE.

The lyric video released along with the single takes the shape of an ominous series of images, which is in line with the overall theme of the song.

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The song speaks about the turmoils that run in your head after a devastating breakup. In some cases, it could be so bad that you would lose sleep over it, get anxiety attacks, or even lose the grip on reality. In such sense, the ominous imagery in the lyric video makes quite a sense.

The first verse of “Save Yourself” speaks about jumping into a relationship very well knowing that it could end in disaster. But everybody has expectations. Expectations of what their significant other should be. However, disaster strikes when you expect those expectations from the wrong person.

From the first chorus to the second, Andrew Taggart realizes that a falling apart of a relationship is not to be blamed on one side. There are always two sides to the story. He would admit his mistakes before she points them out. However, it seems as if both parties had quite the load of pride on themselves that stopped them from resolving their issues.

“Save Yourself” is aggressive and revealing. The Chainsmokers can be seen going back to their heavy-electro-music days in this track. Beat drops are prominent in this song.

What do you think about this new song by The Chainsmokers in collaboration with NGHTMRE? Comment below.

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