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Twenty One Pilots – My Blood (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Twenty One Pilots have been building a whole fictional story around their release of the upcoming album ‘TRENCH’ with the singles “Jumpsuit,” “Nico and the Niners” and “Levitate.” A story wound around the city of Dema controlled by 9 bishops who entrap people in the city. And a woman named Clancy’s attempt and success in escaping the city, with the help of Banditos. Does “My Blood” continue the same story?

“My Blood” single unfortunately leaked online a few days ago due to a glitch in Apple’s HomePod. However, Twenty One Pilots released the official single on August 27th. The video features Tyler Joseph playing guitar in a darkened studio. This is not the official music video.

The new song shapes up to be a soulful cry about staying together. With whom? It could be anybody you love!

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This song takes a beat of a pop track, even though soulful. There is a lot of repetition in the lyrics, but it works quite well in the context of the song.

There seems to be little connection to the story of Clancy in this new song. We do not hear about the banditos, the city of Dema or even Clancy in the track. However, all previous singles have been about helping someone get out of their dark spots and in that line of thought, “My Blood,” too, connects with the rest of the album.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “My Blood”

It is unclear about whom Tyler is singing this song. But whoever it is, Tyler is giving a strong reassurance that they don’t have to be alone. The song could be for his wife Jenna, a friend, Josh Dunn, or even the fans.

Verse 1

Somebody’s “fight” is their cause. Something they believe in. And Tyler says when everyone abandons their fight, he will still be with them supporting. Even when things seem bleak and dark, Tyler will be there holding a torch that lights up the path ahead.

This last bit is in resonance with the ‘coming out of a trench’ in “Levitate” music video.

Verse 2

When your back is against the wall, your final stand, Tyler assures that he will be there to help them. He goes as far as to say that he will shred the enemies. This shows an intense level of affection for the subject person.

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These lyrics are a continuous repetition pleading for ‘somebody’ to stay with Tyler. He calls this person/s “my blood” which makes us wonder if he is speaking about family. Parents, siblings, relatives or even his own children could fall into this category. Literally speaking, even his wife would not be ‘his blood.’ But metaphorically speaking, pretty much anybody could be ‘his blood’-Josh Dunn or even the fans.

Verse 3

In these lyrics, Tyler says that he grew up with this subject person. But then again, this could be literal or metaphorical growing up. He could have literally grown up with his parents, siblings, kin or Josh. He could have metaphorically grown up with his wife or fans.

Tyler Joseph gets quite aggressive in the lyrics when it comes to having this person/s from their dark times.

Verse 4

“My Blood” gets Biblical in these lines. Being thrown in Lion’s den appears in ‘Daniel 6:1-28.’ In this story, a man named Daniel gets thrown into a lion’s den and God sends an angel to save him. Tyler is indirectly calling himself a guardian angel who has come to save this person.

‘Pulling the pin’ is a reference to activating a grenade. You jump into the lion’s den with an activated grenade, is probably the end of you, the person you are saving and the lions. He would even sacrifice his life for this person whom he sings about.

Twenty One Pilot’s “My Blood” is quite intense, although wrapped around with a soulful beat. We thoroughly enjoyed this track, lyrics and interpreting it. Let us know what are your thoughts on this song and write a comment below.

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