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5 Seconds Of Summer – Valentine (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

5 Seconds Of Summer AKA 5SOS have released their third studio album ‘Youngblood’ in June 2018, and “Valentine” is the fourth track on the album. However, today, the song was released as a single along with a YouTube clip. 5SOS calls this ‘the perfect’ Valentine’s track, but the backdrop of the YouTube video suggests something else.

“Valentine” was first premiered at the iHeart Radio Music Awards Fan Army Celebration on March 10, 2018. Later the official 5SOS Twitter account released the lyrics to the song.

“Valentine” track is filled with cheesy and cliche lines surrounding the most commercialized day celebrating romance. The song does not forget to capture these ideas, too, on the down low. Michael of 5SOS spoke about the song in one of their Cocktail Chats videos;

“Alright, “Valentine” to me is kinda like, the ultimate Valentine’s Day song. It’s like our version of “All I Want for Christmas.” I feel like no one has made the perfect Valentine’s Day song.
When you listen to it, it kinda encapsulates what the type of mood and feeling you wanna be feeling on Valentine’s Day is.”

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The video clip released along with the official single release is quite anti-valentine. It shows four skeletons, representing the four members of 5SOS, holding three guitars in a darkened background. To bring out the Valentine’s feeling, the skeletons are bobbing their heads. On and off these skeleton figures change to real pictures of the members of 5SOS, still holding the guitars.

Skeletons symbolize ‘death’ and “Valentine” symbolizes ‘romance.’ How these two go together is a mystery to be solved. Keep reading…

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Valentine”

Verse 1

Right off the start, Calum speaks about a very anti-valentine aspect on this dubbed “Valentine” song. He speaks about the ‘light in her eyes’ and the ‘dark in her heart.’ What Valentine’s song has ever started off by calling your soulmate ‘dark hearted?’ So, now we know that we are in for a different treat.

Calum goes on to sing about their permanent chase for love, and how their bark is bigger than the bite. The ‘bark’ resembles ‘words’ whereas ‘bite’ resembles ‘actions.’ The ‘bites’ should hurt each other, as this reference usually depicts trouble.

The reference to Egyptian gold draws another facade supporting this anti-Valentine’s song. Ancient Egyptian gold was not refined to retain its purity. So Calum could be speaking about their pure love for each other. Also, an unrefined substance cannot be 100% pure. So, the song sways back to the underlying theme of the lyrics.


These lyrics sung by Luke, are not very romantic either.

Luke says he does not care if she is up for a fight or sweet like cherry pie. He just wants her for the night. The singer says ‘get all you tonight’ as opposed to the more romantic ‘get you all tonight.’ This subtle change in the word placement hints us that he is looking for sex. Possibly, this is mostly true for Valentine’s day in most cases.

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Luke, Michael and Calum join voices for the chorus of “Valentine.”

They sing about the options on Valentine’s Day. They can either take her out or have a lazy and laid back couch-date at home. The song also references the teddy bears and chocolate eclairs, which have become symbols of Valentine’s Day now.

The only lyric that truly speaks about love in the song is “Got nothing but love for you, fall more in love every day.”

Verse 2

The second verse sung by Michael is pretty much about sex. Ironically, this is quite well connected with Valentine’s Day.

For the DNA of two persons to be mixed, they have to be inside each other’s bodies. Two ways this could happen is through kissing and having sex. The next line which speaks of ‘combusting’ can be closely linked to achieving an org*sm through sex.

We have given our two cents about this very “Valentine” song by 5 Seconds Of Summer. What was supposed to be a romantic cliche, is more or less a massive hit on the overrated Valentine’s Day. At least, that is how we see this song.

Let us know what you think about this song by 5SOS. Do you agree with our interpretation? Comment your ideas below.

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Full Lyrics to “Valentine” by 5SOS

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