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OneRepublic – Connection (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The release of this brand new single by OneRepublic excites us for several reasons. One; obviously, new music by OneRepublic, who has produced some of the most amazing songs such as “Counting Stars,” “Secrets,” “Apologize” and “All The Right Moves.” Second; the new song “Connection” is most likely linked to a new album by the band. In fact, OneRepublic talked about an upcoming album in an interview with Zane Lowe.

The new single “Connection” is hip. It has the classic OneRepublic musical and tonal touch. Ryan Tedder does an amazing job on the vocals as usual. Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Noel Zancanella, Zach Skelton and Jacob Kasher have contributed to the lyrics.

The song and music video released for “Connection” talks about an important learning from the modern world. The entire line “can I get a connection?” has a sarcastic undertone, as the modern world is entirely about networking. Amidst this, to find a connection, Ryan Tedder must be in search of something else.

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The music video shows Ryan Tedder lost in a sea of people. He seems to be looking for a ‘connection’- with people. Notice how every other person is holding their palm to their faces and staring at it. This is symbolic of how people stare into their mobile phones. The video is trying to tell that even in a sea of people, they have lost touch with each other. Technology has overcome human connection.

The lonely dancer in the middle of the sea of people resembles one who is not overcome with an addiction to technology.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Connection”

Verse 1

Ryan Tedder talks about the staggering global population of 7 billion people. And worst of all, they are all are just going through the motion. Nobody stands out. Nobody tries and nobody escapes the carousel.

Tedder cannot find a human being for anything. Everybody is caught up in their own spaces. He had to send an S.O.S. flare to find a person to get some love and affection. But the people with their faces glued to the screens probably did not see this flare.

The singer wonders how he feels so lonely in the middle of a total of 7 billion people and increasing ever so rapidly. He suspects that people have lost their human touch.


The lyricists are playing on words in the chorus.

‘Connection’ these days refer mostly to network signals. Mobile connection, Internet connection, WiFi connection, social media connection and what not. These connections are abundantly available everywhere too. Then what is Ryan Tedder looking for? He is looking for the one thing that is receding or being overtaken with technology. He is looking for human connection.

Technology has connected people so amazingly, that it has disconnected people to the same extent.

Verse 2

Naturally, ‘real friends’ are becoming scarce every day. Everybody is a keyboard hero now.

Ryan Tedder gives a shout out to his hometown ‘Oklahoma’ in the song. He says that he won’t ever forget his roots. He also calls his musical success as a ‘couple of dollars’ which says that he is not valuing money over everything else. In a world where artists gloat about diamonds, money, cars, and women, OneRepublic really stands out.

Ryan Tedder also speaks about his life goal now. He is trying to build his image now, which he says would be something he could be proud in another 40 years when all the fame and glory has faded away. He is really aiming for self-actualization goals in life.


The singer is saying that he is switching lanes right now. He is tired of being lonely. He is going to try earning people. Foot on the ground and he is out to look for the real deal. Tedder says he might need a companion for life to get through to his goal. There is no shame in looking for help. In this crazy, dog-eat-dog world, you need someone loyal and real to have your back.

The song’s upbeat tune and melody hide the fact that the song packs such an important message. However, the catchy tune is so hard to get rid of.

Let us know what you think about this brand new track “Connection” by OneRepublic. Do you agree with our lyrics interpretation? Or do you have your own ideas on the song or the music video? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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