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Lil Wayne – Mona Lisa Ft. Kendrick Lamar (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The 8th track on Lil Wayne’s much awaited 13th studio album ‘Tha Carter V’ is titled “Mona Lisa” and features vocals by Kendrick Lamar as well. This is the second collab between Yeezy and K Dot, previously having worked on “Buy The World” by Mike WiLL Made-It in 2014.

“Mona Lisa” suffered a live leak back in 2017. A former businessman and now a convicted felon-Martin Shkreli had acquired a Bugatti car belonging to Lil Wayne when he sold it off. Apparently, there had been a ‘Tha Carter V’ CD inside the car, from which Shkreli played “Mona Lisa” live on Periscope. Goes on to prove that, even after 6 years in the making, ‘Tha Carter V’ still includes some of the initial tracks recorded for the album.

The song is written by Onhel, Infamous, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne himself, whereas the former two aided in the production of the song as well.

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This song alludes to the famous Leonardo DaVinci painting ‘Mona Lisa.’ Much like how the mysterious smile on the painting has vexed the historians and artists throughout the ages, the song talks about women who manipulate men to their benefit. This song also draws a major throwback to Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” single from ‘Tha Carter III’ in 2008.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Mona Lisa”

Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar join to tell stories about women who get their way by manipulating men. It also speaks how women can easily deceive men using their looks and sexual prowess. In this story, a certain woman is seen to be using her men to engage in robberies.

Verse 1

In the first verse of “Mona Lisa,” Lil Wayne lays out the theme of the song. There are these women, who pretend to get lose, high on drugs and booze, in clubs and bars and picks up rich men. These rich men want only one thing, and these women are more than happy to give it to them for a few hours, in exchange for months of luxury. After their sexual endeavours, they fall asleep, the women pretend to sleep and lets her accomplices into the house. Then her crew clears out everything of value from the house, leaving the women behind. The women crawl back into the bed and sleep with the former-rich victim. In the morning, they both wake up to the shock of him being robbed. These women even help this poor man look for his stuff!

In the second scenario, Lil Wayne lays out a different plan. He says he has connections with bi*ches who have connections with gorgeous women who are gold diggers. When these gorgeous women take their rich prey to his home, Lil Wayne and his accomplices bash into the house with AK47 guns and rob them at gunpoint. Although these gorgeous women are part of the act, they too scream like victims for their best interest.

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Lil Wayne then goes on to speak about deceptive women who cannot be trusted. He explains how women who pretend to be ‘angels’ turn out to be bi*ches who rat out their partners for the crime. The next play is much more long-term, planned-out and better rewarding. Here women are used to win the trust of these rich and feeble men. They build trust over time and become regular parts of these men’s lives. Over time, some of these men develop feelings for these girls and these girls lie through their teeth to confess the same feelings. Then these women prompt their guys to take them on a vacation; which the guys gladly oblige to. These women reveal about every nick and corner of the guy’s house to her accomplices. So while they are on vacation, the accomplices break-in. Sometimes Lil Wayne’s crew doesn’t even steal the riches. They steal addresses of other potential rich victims. The girl does not get the blame since she is on vacation with the guy.

The last act by Lil Wayne on “Mona Lisa” is not really a stealth game. All this time, the heists took precaution not to put the girls in the middle of the crossfire. In this act, the girl stands naked at the door to greet the gullible rich guy. He, obviously, loses his mind and jumps on her. He forgets that he left the door open. The accomplices barge in with guns and scream ‘hands up.’ For a half a minute even the girl has her hands up, which Wayne instructs her to put down. The rich guy’s jaw drops!

Verse 2

In the second verse of “Mona Lisa” by Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar assumes the person of every rich person who falls victims to these women’s’ and Wayne’s play.

He talks about how much effort he puts to keeping these women happy. Everything is exclusive to these relationships. Daily shopping sprees, meeting celebrities, attending games, and being attractions for paparazzi. By the end of the day, this guy is in love with her, thinking of taking it to the next level as well.

Kendrick looks to the history books to narrate how wars broke out over women-especially the story of Helen of Troy in Homer’s Illiad.

She gives him the best sex of his life and he feels on top of the world. Much like ‘The Great Gatsby’ novel which talks about the flamboyant life of Jay Gatsby. However, something slips up and the guy is suspicious. He knows this girl has been going behind him seeing Wayne and his crew. He asks her for her phone to check the records. Right in the middle of this argument Lil Wayne’s 2008 classic “Lollipop” starts to go off as her ringtone. Kendrick flips off, his doubts confirmed. This eventually drives him crazy and to his own death.

“Mona Lisa” is a fascinating track by Lil Wayne and Kendrick from ‘Tha Carter V’ album. These events revealed in the song could be drawn out of real life stories. Or they could be pure fiction. Whichever the case is, these two rappers draw a good storyline in the listener’s mind.

Let us know what you think about “Mona Lisa” by Lil Wayne and K Dot. What do you think these lyrics mean? Drop your views in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Mona Lisa” by Lil Wayne Ft. Kendrick Lamar

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