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Sia – I’m Still Here (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Sia premiered her newest single “I’m Still Here” yesterday and there has been much buzz about what the song stands for. Most believe the song is about fighting an addiction. Sia shouts out to the world that she won the battle of addiction. The journey of recovery is mentioned in the song.

Written by Sia herself, “I’m Still Here” is a victory cry. The song speaks of how her past keeps tormenting her and dragging her down, but she continues her good fight and she is emerging victorious.

The song is not linked to any album project as of yet.

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “I’m Still Here”

Verse 1

Sia talks about her ongoing battle. She is fighting something that is very closely attached to her like her shadow. Whatever she is fighting is a part of her. She admits that she is fighting a battle and it seems as if she committed her youth to this battle. She also knows that there s no one else that could fight this battle for her. So she is taking the battle head-on.


Whatever her addiction was, it was as serious as it could kill Sia. However, she refers to it as the ‘past’ which means she is moving on from it. Whatever this battle was, she could even have sacrificed her life for it.

Sia lets out a sigh of relief that she is still standing today. She says the battle was lost. What she means is that whoever was fighting her has lost the battle and she has emerged victorious.

Verse 2

Whatever this battle was, it had something to do with Sia’s ego as well. She calls this a win against her ego. She is over the moon that she is seeing some light out of her dark past that she is breaking into tears. She is using the same guiding light to lead her way home-to salvation.

There is a lot of repetition in lyrics in “I’m Still Here” by Sia. But it is quite effective in the context of the song.

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Full Lyrics to “I’m Still Here” by Sia



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