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Maroon 5 Releases “Girls Like You” Music Video Part 2 (Review)

There is no doubt that, “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 has created a paradigm shift in female empowerment in music videos. There have been many parodies of the video to include women to re-enact the video. Last week a cute baby girl lip-syncing over the original track also went viral.

The song that was released in 2017 from the ‘Red Pill Blues’ by Maroon 5 is still on top charts. The song is back on Billboard Hot 100 #1 spot for the 4th consecutive week now. Maroon 5 just may retain this glory position with the release of this new version of the video.

The new version or the volume 2 of “Girls Like You” music video presents most clips of the original video. In addition, the second volume contains a few additional clips of the same celebrity list of women appearing in the original video. Also, the end has been edited to include some behind the scenes footage after the director ends the recording.

Watch “Girls Like You” Volume 2

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