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Watch a Charade of Nude and Semi-Nude Models in “Drip Too Hard” by Lil Baby x Gunna (Review)

“Drip Too Hard” is making some waves in the industry as the song completes its 5th week on Billboard Hot 100 chart and still securing a position within top 10. The song peaked at #4 last week on the chart. It is certainly a catchy tune and some verses drawn off the artists’ personal lives.

“Drip Too Hard” is the lead single off of Lil Baby and Gunna’s collaborative album ‘Drip Hard.’ The album is an ado to Lil Baby’s ‘Hard’ and Gunna’s ‘Drip’ series of mixtapes. The 13-track album was released on October 5th.

The song is dedicated to their personal and music styles and lifestyles. ‘Drip’ in hip-hop refers to style or fashion. Hence, the basic idea behind the song is that their styles in music and personal fashion are unparalleled. They talk about designer fashion items that they wear from head to toe, and diamonds that they carry as fashion accessories. Some high-end fashion names that pop in “Drip Too Hard” are Chanel and Patek Philippe.

Lil Baby also talks about how others in the industry started following his fashion and style after he introduced it to them;

“I gave ’em the drip, they sucked it up, I got ’em on it”

The music video released for the song is very explicit. The video, directed by Spike Jordan, presents a galore of nude and semi-nude models with perfect skin complexions. The video shows bundles of cash being thrown around, their diamonds, wristwatches, clothes, champagne bottles, and their private parties with gorgeous models.

Watch the Explicit Video for “Drip Too Hard”

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