zara larsson ruin my life music video review

Watch Zara Larsson Get Naughty in “Ruin My Life” Music Video (Review)

Zara Larsson premiered the lead single off her upcoming third studio album yesterday. The song titled “Ruin My Life” is very catchy and speaks of a deathly love story. We have analyzed the lyrics of the song in a previous post, and Zara Larsson too has confirmed that the song speaks about a toxic relationship that she cannot move past.

In the song, Zara Larsson invites her ex-boyfriend to ruin her life. The whole idea behind the song is that the singer wishes to be in this toxic relationship and suffer than not be in a relationship and not be loved and still suffer. It seems to be as if she cannot think of a relationship beyond this ex-boyfriend who is inevitably going to ruin her life.

Zara Larsson premiered a brand new music video for “Ruin My Life” today. The singer is seen changing among several sexy costumes and posing sultry poses for the ex-boyfriend. One scene shows Zara Larsson doing a sexy crawl/dance in front of the camera of her phone, which we presume is recorded to be sent to the ex.

Releasing the video, she captioned:

“This video means so much to me!! I’m so excited to finally be able to ruin your life! ✨✨✨”

Watch “Ruin My Life” Music Video by Zara Larsson

We also get to see several episodes of the ex-boyfriend, who receives these recordings. He seems to be quite moved by these sexy video clips that we see him getting into his car and driving. We presume he is driving to her.

Just take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous and sexy Zara Larsson looks in the music video. She also does some really flexible choreographies in the video which are just bonuses on top of her sexy wardrobe.

What did you think about the “Ruin My Life” video by Zara Larsson? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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