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Queen – Love of My Life (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The unprecedented music group-Queen, known to be the greatest band to have conquered Rock music, goes on to show their musical versatility in “Love of My Life” song. This ballad is considered to be one of Queen’s best works from their diverse portfolio. Queen’s lead vocalist, Freddie Mercury straddles back from Rock and performs this serenading song in a display of his unimaginable vocal prowess.

“Love of My Life” is included in one of the biggest selling Rock albums-‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen from 1975. This album is also the home to one of the most revered Rock songs ever-“Bohemian Rhapsody.” In the original album version, Freddie Mercury plays the piano while performing the song with other members on different instruments, whereas on a live stage, this song is performed with Brian May on guitar and Freddie performing only the vocals.

“I hate this thing about trying to recreate the albums on stage. We sometimes deliberately change. Look at ‘Love Of My Life’, for instance. On record I play piano on that but on stage it’s just Brian playing the guitar and me singing it, because it works on stage better that way.”Freddie Mercury

“Love of My Life” is written about Mary Austin-the true love of Freddie Mercury’s life. His true passion for Mary Austin is evident in every performance of this song by Queen.

Watch Queen Perform “Love of My Life” Live in 1986

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Written entirely by Freddie Mercury himself, this song is a confessional on his love and affection towards Mary Austin.

Who is Mary Austin?

Mary Austin was another ordinary girl, born in 1951 in London, UK. She met Brian May during college and dated him for a short while. Brian May was then forming a rag-tag band in college with Roger Taylor. They soon got introduced to Freddie Mercury who changed the group name to ‘Queen.’ Thus began Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s relationship. In 1973 they moved in together, but never got married. They lived together for seven years, and according to an interview with Freddie’s mother Jer Bulsara done by  The Telegraph, Mary Austin laboured two children named Richard and Jamie, not biologically related to Freddie. He was the godfather of the two children of Mary. Even after Mary and Freddie had a falling out of their relationship, they said to have remained close friends until Freddie’s death in 1991. Mary Austin was passed on Mercury’s massive mansion in West London.

Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury posing for a picture at his 38th birthday after performing at Wembley Arena
Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury posing for a picture at his 38th birthday after performing at Wembley Arena (Image Credits:

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Love of My Life”

Verse 1

Freddie Mercury could be talking about a time when Mary Austin had left his life. If we glance at their relationship timeline, sources confirm that the two met in 1970 and moved in together in 1973. By 1980, Freddie Mercury had confessed to Mary that he has been continuously unfaithful to her, which leads to their fall out. “Love of My Life” is written in 1975, which leads us to believe that these two had their own share of ups and downs in their relationship.

Freddie Mercury was obsessed with Mary Austin, but that could not prevent him from getting into relationships with other partners, especially men. He repeatedly calls her the love of his life, and the tonality of this song leads us to believe that he means it.

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Freddie Mercury begs for her to give him her love back. Mary Austin had been a major part of Freddie’s life in the band’s toughest times as well as their peak. She had been a major source of strength and inspiration in Freddie’s life and music.

Verse 2

Freddie Mercury is talking about an apparent breakup-maybe short-lived and undocumented. However, he is pleading for her to come back in this emotional outcry.

Watch Queen Perform “Love of My Life” Live in Montreal


Freddie Mercury knows she is not coming back. He affirms to her that she will remember all the good times even after they are over their relationship. Freddie says that even if they are not together, he will still love her till he dies. We can only assume this held true to his last breath.

Queen’s “Love of My Life” is one classic tribute to love. There have been covers of this song over the years, but nothing beats Freddie Mercury who sings with the true passion for Mary Austin for whom he wrote this song for.

Let us know your thoughts about this classic hit and Freddie’s diverse vocals in a spectrum of genres. Leave your ideas and interpretations and experiences of this song in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Love of My Life” by Queen


5 thoughts on “Queen – Love of My Life (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. I’ve always imagined it as he wrote it FOR her not too her. Think about if she was the one singing it to him, makes a little more sense right?

    1. Absolutely! You’re spot on, i couldn’t agree more. Nailed it. It totally makes the most sense…that being Freddie’s interpretation of IF their relationship may end once he confessed to her. I wouldn’t want to lose a friend like Mary. She’s his blessing, she’s an inspiration too. I’ve been so inspired by this song that I too am working on using this “layout” to write a letter or something to each my adult children. Yes, sadly as a mom i have much guilt & wishes i would’ve done differently as i feel I’ve lost a bit of my kids bc of my screwed up parenting but one grew up without dad, he was killed way too young & my last 2 has an idiot of a father, turned acoholic & abusive,.. sorrow is born of the hasty heart..and i live with mental health issues. But my kids have turned out perfect, in my eyes, truly gifted & blessing from above. I feel if write along the lines of this song…”as if Mary is saying these words to Freddie” with my own story as if my kids are saying things to me, that’d be awesome thanx for reading.

  2. I have never read such rubbish . He didn’t confess anything in 1980 , it was well before then . It well documented be enjoyed his life and was off and away having many one night stands and relationships with men . Freddie was in a relationship with David Minns begins Mary’s back when this was written

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