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Watch the Booty-tastic Video for “Blow That Smoke” by Major Lazer and Tove Lo

Major Lazer and Tove Lo’s latest collaboration “Blow That Smoke” is a dance track, to say the least. The producer and singer duo premiered the song last month and soon caught the attention of the mass due to the kickass tune and beats and catchy phrases. It was released along with an animated lyric video which featured several girls dancing to the beat. We knew there was going to be a dance track in the making and voila!

The latest video for “Blow That Smoke” is not even titled ‘official music video.’ It is titled ‘Official Dance Video,’ and we did not expect anything more. However, this video does not feature either of Major Lazer or Tove Lo, but four girls. The official video did feature both artists in an exotic dance-themed frenzy.

The four girls featured in the dance video are Sara Bivens, Andranita Smith Shannon, Jaylene Mendoza and Helen Gedlu. These are all dancers and models of Layers Gyals; a professional dance troupe.

Behind the sexy dance moves, choreographed by Calvit Hodge, a small story unwinds in the video. These four best friends travel to the desert in hopes to get away from the stress of the society-blow that smoke. There, they dance away their troubles and worries, in some blitzing moves.

Watch “Blow That Smoke” Dance Video

Drop in your thoughts about this dance video and the hot girls in the comments below. If you have your own choreography to this beat, do let us know and we will feature it.

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