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Welcome to the Party in the Closet in “Blow That Smoke” Video by Tove Lo (Review)

We knew there was a dance-tastic music video coming for the brand new single “Blow That Smoke” by Major Lazer with Tove Lo. The Jamaican beat with ‘bop’ styles makes it impossible not to dance to this song. Even though, the lyrics do not suggest, the music video shows an abrupt gay scene between Tove Lo and another girl. Tove Lo is not a stranger to the LGBTQ community, as she is an avid fan and a supporter of their movements.

“Blow That Smoke” music video starts off showing Tove Lo slaving as a cleaning lady at a cheap motel. One night, during her shift, she comes across an empty room filled with a red light. She investigates into this room further to find the light radiating from a closet. So she goes in. This Narnia door opens up to an exotic dance party with a lot of gorgeous ladies in bikinis and Major Lazer as well.

DJ Diplo also makes a cameo in the music video.

Watch “Blow That Smoke” Video by Major Lazer and Tove Lo

In the party, Tove Lo meets a girl with whom she strikes an instant connection with. Those two then proceed on to an almost-kiss. Party in the closet–two girls kissing. The music video has an obvious theme behind the fun dance choreography.

“I got the keys to heaven now
Baes all around and they got my mind spinning
Suddenly doors just open wide”

The doors opening wide signify new possibilities and opportunities. It is half-obvious that “Blow That Smoke” speaks about gay sex, and Tove Lo goes on to call the sensation ‘heavenly.’

It is not soon after that Tove Lo returns back to her cleaning-lady job. However, she seems a bit more relaxed-smoke blown away.

Do you think the song is trying to tell a story on LGBTQ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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