xxxtentacion guardian angel lyrics review song meaning

XXXTentacion – Guardian Angel (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

XXXTentacion has his first posthumous and third studio album ‘SKINS’ out yesterday on December 7, 2018. The 20-year-old rapper was shot dead in Florida in June 2018, and the album release is with blessings from his mother Cleopatra Bernard.

There were many signs that the ‘SKINS’ album which X was working on at the time of his passing would eventually be released. Songs such as “Arms Around You,” “Bad!” and “Moonlight” were released after the rapper’s death and were well received. XXXTentacion also won BET Hip Hop Award for ‘Best New Hip Hop’ artist after his death, which was accepted by his mother on stage.

“Guardian Angel” is the second track on the album ‘SKINS’ and talks about losing people and his tough upbringing. He also apologizes for anyone whom he has hurt in his troubled times.

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Guardian Angel”


These lyrics are reversed. The “Guardian Angel” track is played on the reversed instrumental of “Jocelyn Flores” from XXXTentacion’s first album ’17.’ When corrected these lyrics read;

"I know you so well
I’ve been pretty...
I mean, I can do better than he can
I know you so well, I know you, girl
well, well, well
And I don’t feel the same, I’m so numb
I’ll be feelin' pain, I’ll be feelin' pain just to hold on
And I don’t feel the same, I’m so numb
I’ll be feelin' pain, I’ll be feelin' pain just to hold on"

In these lyrics X talks about a heartbreak he has encountered in his love life. May be, this is not the first time, because he is not feeling the pain of heartbreak anymore. Or, may be, he is subduing the pain with something else.


In the only verse of “Guardian Angel” we hear X talking about his past relationships and how they broke him. He has used this specific track “Jocelyn Flores” as she committed suicide which was a difficult blow on X. The rapper could also be talking about his ex-Geneva Ayala who claimed that X abused her physically. The references to “teeth in the chest” and “beaten and bruised” could be throwbacks to Ayala’s claims on physical abuse.

In the last bit of this verse, XXXTentacion apologizes for anybody whom he has hurt. He compares his love to a ‘cancer’ which slowly kills the subject over a long period of time. He also apologizes to Jocely Flores for not being able to see through the pain she was going through, which ultimately led to her suicide.


In the outro of this song X says that you will never understand the true pain of losing somebody, until you actually lose them. Worse is when you lose someone so unexpectedly, and you cannot help but feel that you could have done something to help them.

XXXTentacion’s ‘SKINS’ album turns to be a deep, dark and emotional reflection on himself. “Guardian Angel” is a perfect example for this. After the rapper’s passing away, these lyrics hit harder than ever.

Let us know what you think about this brand new song by XXXTentacion from his new album ‘SKINS.’ What are your experiences with tragic losses? Share with us.

Complete Lyrics to “Guardian Angel” by XXXTentacion

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