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Watch James Corden in “thank u, jeff” Parody of Ariana Grande’s Hit

James Corden spared no expense in creating this absolutely hilarious parody for Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” hit single. The remix titled “thank u, jeff” is a tribute, maybe one that goes a little overboard too, to Jeff Goldblum-the beloved American actor.

“thank u, jeff” goes in detail about James Corden’s infatuation with Jeff Goldblum. Corden even has a diary of his own with scrappings and drawing of Jeff Goldblum, much like in the music video for “thank u, next.”

The scenario takes place before an interview with Jeff Goldblum on The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS. “thank u, jeff” tributes Jeff Goldblum for his roles in movies such as ‘The Fly’ sci-fi movie from 1986, ‘The Independence Day’ sci-fi movie from 1996, ‘Thor: Ragnorak’ movie from 2017 and in classics such as ‘The Lost World: Jurrasic Park’ franchise. 

Watch “thank u, jeff” Parody Music Video

Jeff Goldblum himself appears in this parody video. He acts out the role of mamma Kris jenner from “thank u, next” video by Ariana Grande. While James Corden performs his parody on the stage, Jeff records the show.

James Corden is not just a stalker boy for Jeff Goldblum. We see Corden dry-humping on the floor looking at the scrap book he created for Goldblum. 

Now 66-years-old, Jeff Goldblum has appeared in some of the highest grossing movies of his time, as mentioned in the parody. He also appeared in TV shows such as ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent,’ ‘Will and Grace’ and ‘Friends.’ Here is a full list of movie and TV appearances by Jeff Goldblum.

Comment below what you think about this hilarious parody “thank u, jeff” by James Corden on The Late Late Show. Did you enjoy it? What was the best part?

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