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Halsey’s “Without Me” Vertical Video is a See-through, Wet Hot Mess

Building on the momentum from 2018 and the newly released remix with Juice WRLD, Halsey keeps on pushing her biggest hit-to-date-“Without Me.” Today, she released a vertical music video for the song and the 24-year-old superstar is seen getting quite emotional and sexy under pouring water.

This video is vertical for the sake of being vertical, as it may very well have been recorded widescreen and later cropped off. The video is shot in a what seems like a darkened room where Halsey sits on a stool. She performs the song with raw emotions and the effect is heightened with a stream of water pouring on the singer.

Halsey resorted to a white top without a bra, and things are quite revealing. Addition of the stream of water only makes things even more so obvious. However, several angles captured in the video dramatically capture Halsey’s movements and gives us good glimpses of her tattoos as well.

We have analyzed the lyrics of the song in a previous article, which speaks about how Halsey supported her partner to reach the top and how he has cut off his roots. She is the one who put him up there and now he acts like he has nothing to do with her. That feeling should sting.

Watch “Without Me” Vertical Video by Halsey

The sexual appetite of this vertical video seems to have affected a lot of people. On YouTube, we can find comments like “My hetero has left the chat” and “*my h0mo has entered the chat *” by girls.

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