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Zayn’s New Video for “Satisfaction” is Full of Love (Review)

Last year Zayn dropped his much-anticipated second studio album ‘Icarus Falls.’ The album is massive-running up to 27 tracks, but “Satisfaction” is one of the songs that stood out for how beautiful it is.

Today (Jan 9th), Zayn premiered a brand new music video for “Satisfaction” and our feels are all over the place. The video, directed by Bouha Kazmi, shows the tale of an African American man going through heartaches and heartbreaks. The scenes are captured so enticingly throughout the video.

The song is an ode to love, as we find Zayn singing “I can’t get no satisfaction alone.” In other lyrics, we find the singer questioning about what comes in life. Most of what we encounter are unexpected. The music video shows the young African American native broken into pieces over the demise of his lover/wife. Nobody prepares you for these unfortunate situations in life. The video also cinematically captures the death ceremonial rituals of African American tribes. However, the video does not stick only to the tribes. The scene jumps back and forth within a modern-day war-torn city that has reaped the same result-his wife passing away!

The video starts off with a caption picked off of ‘Mind of Mine’ album song “INTERMISSION: fLoWer”;

“Until the flower of this love has blossomed this heart won’t be at peace”


It is not so ironical that “Satisfaction” video ends with a blossoming flower out of the heart of a dead African American in a dried-down sugar cane field. This symbolizes love and beginnings derriving through ends.

Watch “Satisfaction” Music Video by Zayn

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