xxxtentacion Sauce! (MOV4) lyrics review song meaning

XXXTentacion – Sauce! (MOV4) (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Happy 21st birthday Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy AKA XXXTentacion!!! The late rapper would have celebrated another life milestone today, had it not been for the unfortunate shooting in Florida in June 2018. However, X’s friends from Members Only rap group are keeping his memory alive with this new album ‘XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4‘ released today. Despite the handful of ragtag members of the album, “Sauce! (MOV4)” is a solo work by X, and hence is embraced by the music community.

XXX’s last music release was his third studio album and first posthumous album ‘Skins‘ released in December 2018. We witnessed some true, raw emotions crafted into lyrics by the 20-year-old rapper then. However, in this song, X is in a much lighter mood singing about ‘sauce,’ which stands to mean ‘fashion’ or ‘fashionable’ or ‘stylish’ according to Urban Dictionary. In hip-hop dialect, we call it ‘swag.’

“Sauce! (MOV4)” or “Sauce! (Members Only Vol 4)” is a reproduction of “$aUcE!,” XXXTENTACION’s February 2018 remix of Quavo and Lil Yachty’s “Ice Tray.” The new remix is produced by Bass Santana-a member of Members Only group.

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This song is about the ‘swag’ life adopted by X, however common to many rappers in the modern game. X talks about his style and fashion and how that attracts all the females.

The word ‘sauce’ is spilled around several times in the chorus often to emphasize his fashion and lucrative lifestyle, and sometimes to draw sexual innuendos: “Pull up on your shawty, have her sauce on it.”

However, X does not forget to mention that this song is ‘just for fun.’ He reminds us that the listeners should not take serious offence of the crude sexual humour used in this song lyrics.

X also brings up two of the most famous twins in the world-Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, famously known as Olsen Twins. Although X does not say anything directly to the twins, he does indirectly tell us that he is ‘smashin’ with twins!

“Sauce! (MOV4)” is rather a light and funny song by XXXTentacion, which is swaying away from his usual style. We love it!

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Complete Lyrics to “Sauce! (MOV4)” by XXXTentacion

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