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Sam Smith and Normai Drop “Dancing With A Stranger” Video (Review)

Sam Smith and Normani’s collaboration is already one of the hottest tracks of 2019. Since the fall out of Fifth Harmony, this song is one of the few productions Normani has been in, and its already a hit. The soulful single titled “Dancing With A Stranger” is a song about lost love, and now it has a gorgeous music video.

Today, Sam Smith shared the music video for the single, which features an appearance from Sam Smith and a beautiful dance choreography by Normani. The visuals capture a lot of emotions of heartache between the exes, and the ghosts of their ‘relationships’ add a certain eerie bitter truth to the video.

The Vaughan Arnell directed music video shows the silhouettes of dancers who represent the ‘relationships’ or hookups both Sam Smith and Normani went through after the breakup. They are shown as ghosts, because those relationships did not mean much to either of the ex-lovers. Hence, these people come and go, not affecting the two artists.

Yesterday, Sam Smith announced that the music video will premier on Apple Music, however, is not available on all streaming platforms. In a Tweet today, Sam Smith announced the release of the video and mentioned they had “so much bloody fun” making this video. He also thanked the ‘talented and kind’ people who were part of making of this video.

In a previous article, we analyzed the full lyrics to the song. The lyrics of the song mean to convey the torment endured by both exes since their breakup. They have tried to fill the void with casual relationships, but obviously it has failed. Those relationships were like ghosts that passed through their lives.

The music video is quite artistic and brilliantly produced. Let us hear what you think about this song and the music video by Sam Smith and Normani in the comments below.

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