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Sam Smith and Normani Premiere “Dancing With A Stranger” (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Sam Smith released some new music to kick off the year 2019. The new song is a collaboration with the former-Fifth Harmony member-Normani Kordei. Sam Smith’s soulful voice and Normani’s powerful vocals gives us this amazing collab “Dancing With A Stranger.”

The new song is a stand-alone single so far. Sam Smith revealed that “Dancing With A Stranger” will be a part of the massive 48-track ‘Complete Collection’ playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. However, we are most certain that the new song will appear in a future album by Sam Smith, which is due in 2019.

Previously, Sam Smith released his contribution “Fire On Fire” song to the short-movie ‘Watership Down’ remake.

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There is enough and more proof that there is a music video coming out soon for this collaboration. Sam Smith posted a short snippet of a video featuring Normani and himself performing this track. We are almost certain that Normani will be delivering an exotic dance in the upcoming music video. “Another musical baby. Popping them out over here!! Hope you enjoy it ❤️ I live for you,” Tweeted Sam Smith.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Dancing With A Stranger”

The entire song is a dedication to not moving on from a past relationship. Sam Smith seems to be still hung over Normani that his mind is at abyss. The worst part about moving on is having to deal with the flashbacks. Memories might take years to be wiped off, and sometimes you will never get over them.

In this one particular lonely night, Sam Smith is thinking about his ex. But he is not alone. He is with someone new, and he credits this new relationship as a fault of the old. He believes he was pushed to fill a void left by this girl through the company of a stranger. He does not enjoy this, if he did, he would not be inviting his ex to come light up his world.

We begin to wonder if “dancing” here literally means “dancing.” It could also be about pretending to move on–since it’s a ‘dance.’ What do you think?

Normani is also out tonight. She might have met a stranger to light up her world as well. In the lyrics, we do find out that even Normani has a void in her life left by this fall out. She, too, is out looking for company. Too bad both of them are doing their ‘dances’ with strangers.

Here’s to never moving on!!!

Sam Smith and Normani (Image source: rap-up)

Until the music video drops, we are going to keep this song on repeat. Let us know what you think about “Dancing With A Stranger” by Sam Smith and Normani in the comments below.

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