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Juice WRLD – Robbery (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Today, Juice WRLD released the lead single from his upcoming sophomore album ‘A Deathrace for Love’ expected in March 2019. The new single “Robbery” was leaked online in early 2018 in a mass leakage of Juice’s songs. However, the official release of the song comes with a brand new video to re-ignite the hype. And so it does.

Returning from his massive hit “Lucid World,” Juice seems to have a whole different perspective of love. This song in particular is about a destructive love, which has robbed Juice of his ability to love again. Cole Bennet-the producer of the song had some backstory to tell us about the song;

In the song, we find Juice trying to impress the girls with his fame and fortune and bling. Because he got advise from his dad to never show your insecurities to a woman. Maybe they would exploit you? So, as a cover up, Juice dressed himself in fur and Gucci and diamond bling and expensive wrist watches.

While his dad sounds like a wise man, he also should have adviced Juice that if he seeks real love, he should let his guard down and expose his weaknesses. The real woman would have healed you. The real woman would have been the fence you needed.

Watch “Robbery” Music Video by Juice WRLD

In the music video for “Robbery,” we find a drunk Juice WRLD attending what seems like his ex’s wedding. All around him is a world on fire–probably a reflection of his inner feelings. At one point it looks as if he is going to crash the wedding, but falls back at the last moment. He resorts to heavy boozing. Next, he starts hallucinating.

It baffles us why Juice WRLD and the video producers picked a goth wedding for the video. Maybe, to reflect on the popular belief that goth people have or rather show very little emotions?

In the lyrics, we hear Juice singing how she warned of the possible outcome of this relationship. She warned him to put his ‘heart in a bag’ referring to shutting down his emotions. In that way, both of them would leave this relationship unharmed. But Juice WLRD fell hard and harder the fall, the severe the wound!

Juice WRLD also announced an upcoming US Tour on his Instagram page. You have a chance to bring Juice to your city by commenting on his post.

What do you think “Robbery” by Juice WRLD means? Let us know in a comment below. What is your favourite part from the music video?

Complete Lyrics to “Robbery” by Juice WRLD

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